Christmas Gift Guide Part 1 - Stocking Fillers

It seems like each day we are getting closer and closer to Christmas. With Bonfire Night and Halloween been and gone it's time to get into the Christmas spirit. As I did last year I gave you gift giving ideas that didn't break the bank but were still great gifts. I am doing it again this year but instead rather than doing it specifically for boys, girls, and that special someone I will be showing you 5 gifts in this first part that are great little stocking fillers. 

First up is something not necessarily a stocking filler but instead something to help get you in the Christmas mood. Not on the high street recently released personalised Advent Calendars. From Pork Scratchings to Tea there is quite a detailed range. My personal favourites from the collections are the Bath Bomb and Soap Advent Calendar by Berylune £30  and the Peel the Sprout Advent Calendar by Doodlebugz £9.99. Now the bath bomb and soap advent calendar is fairly expensive for a novelty gift but it is a good idea to give this to someone as a Christmas present for them to open them coming up to Christmas day. With the Sprout advent calendar the novelty effect of it got me, If you have children or are generally into novelty gifts then this is a good little thing to get you into the mood. 

Moving into actual stocking fillers, my first pick is the Christmas Dinner in a Matchbox by Marvling Bros £6.50   this is a good little idea for boys, girls, kids, anyone. The set features three sweets based on traditional Christmas lunch. This a good little thing to have on Christmas day morning or even as a little treat after your Christmas Dinner. 

In terms of more of a pamper stocking filler I have a trio of Burt's Bees Endless Shine Lip Trio Set from John Lewis £9.99 . This features 3 lip shines that offer natural, sheer colour whilst keeping your lips hydrated. In this cold weather chapped lips are at an all time high. So why not give someone a gift they actually need and will definitely be using over these next colder months. This are an exclusive to John Lewis so pick them up fast!

In terms of skincare this product can be enjoyed by boys or girls. It's the NUXE Holiday Skin Care cracker £10 this set features miniatures of some of their most loved products. It includes a hand & nail cream, micellar water, dry oil, and a anti-fatigue moisturising cream. This is a good little present as it is not only practical but it allows them to try a miniature version of the product. So if they like one of the items or all of them for instance they can then purchase the full versions which could end up being birthday and Christmas ideas for you in the long run. 

The last stocking filler I am going to be mentioning in this post is the Mandarin, Cinnamon & Clove Inclusion Candle £7.50. This is a nice little scented calendar that would be perfect to light on Christmas day whilst you all eat your Christmas dinner. The scent isn't too strong or overpowering and with the cute little Christmas design around it this makes a perfect little Christmas gift. 

Overall there are just some of the stocking filler ideas I have for this Christmas. I have tried to create a mix that appeals to all different types of people. Next Wednesday I will be sharing with you some of the main present ideas I have for you this Christmas. 

                            Until next time, Chloe!