Life Update- Why I'm not doing Blogmas, and University

A couple of months ago I shared that I was off to University. I got into my first university my accommodation was sorted and I was ready to go. It's been around 10 weeks into University now and it's been a bit of a ride. On one hand it's the best decision I have made yet and my passion for Psychology has grown so much. But on the other hand I have been more stressed than ever before with the workload and managing my job around this. It's been difficult trying to organise everything around each other. Especially with my blog, for the past 2 years this has always been a passion of mine. I never wanted to write or rush posts I wasn't purely happy about just to make sure I don't miss a day. But even doing posts in advance I haven't been able to keep on track properly.

I decided to miss a post and look at my blog, I spent some time looking at my blog. Seeing what I was happy and unhappy about, my main issue is that I want to post less frequent. I don't want to have the pressure to have two high quality blog posts each week so for now I am promising at least one blog post a week. Sometimes when I have more time there will be two or three but for now I'm comfortable with one a week. Which brings me into the conversation with Blogmas, as much as I enjoyed it last year I can't stick to it this year. To create 25 quality posts within the next 3/4 weeks is too much for me currently. I don't want to just be making a post just for the sake of keeping up with Blogmas. 

I hope people understand this decision, I wouldn't be happy with posting content I didn't feel was good. They wouldn't be worth your time. I will be returning tomorrow with a new blog post which I am quite excited for so stick around for that.

                             Until next time, Chloe!