October Favourites

It feels like each month is going quicker and quicker. With me being up to my eyes with assignments and essay I thought I would take a 30 minute break from it all and tell you about my favourites from the past month. I have been testing a few new products this month so let's kick off with the skincare.

Starting with cleansers I recently picked up the Garner Oil Infused Water £3.99 on offer usually £5.99. This is a new take on their famous micellar water instead it is packed with oils that help to deep clean and remove dirt and makeup quite quickly. I tend to find that one cotton pad of this gets it all off there is a slight residue left by this so I tend to wipe my face with a wet cotton pad afterwards just to remove any excess. After cleansing my skin feels clean and from using this for the past month I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. It looks and feels cleaner and has a bit more of a colour to it then just generally looking dull and dirty. This is quick and convenient to use and it needs to become a part of your collection.

For makeup I have been testing out some new liquid lipsticks I recently bought and some new eyeshadow palettes that are being reviewed very soon but the one product I will share with you now is the Maybelline Baby Skin face primer £7.99. I have had a love hate relationship with this primer over the year. It claims to blur pores creating a smooth poreless looking skin. I don't find this to be the best primer for blurring pores instead I prefer this for helping my makeup stay on for longer. This primer makes my foundation really stick to my skin and helps to stop it from sliding off my face and wearing away. As I expect a lot from my foundations I always expect the primer to help the foundation live up to my expectations. For just £7.99 you can't go wrong as there are normally makeup offers in Boots or Superdrug you might as well try it.

The last thing that has really been in my favourites is my notebook. I have been on the go a lot this past month with Uni and work so I haven't been able to sit down properly and draft all the posts I want to do for the next week or so as I am doing posts in advance at the moment to make sure I stay on top of things. The notebook I have been using is from Paperchase I purchased this last year including the silver letters that I have on the front as this is my blogging notebook. They have brought out some similar ones this year that do the job well. I have just loved being able to note things down in one place whilst being busy so that the second I have a couple of minutes I can start drafting and planning my post.

So there we go, I don't have an awful lot of favourites this month as I have been so busy doing different projects so I want to know what your October favourites. Comment them down below.

                                        Until next time, Chloe!