Seventeen Palette Easy on the Eye Birthday Suit - Hit or Miss

Seventeen is a Boots owned makeup brand. They offer low price alternatives to more expensive makeup products on the high street. From nail polish to foundations they offer a lot of variety. I recently picked up one of their eyeshadow palettes as I had always been curious about the brand. I have tried a concealer and powder of theirs before and were fairly impressed with them as cheap alternatives to my more expensive makeup products. 

I picked up the Seventeen Easy on the Eye Birthday Suit Eyeshadow Palette £7.99. This features 11 eyeshadow shades ranging from matte to shimmer and also an eyeshadow primer. This is a more of a neutral golden palette which is good for Christmas parties and nights out or even one to save for Spring and Summer. 

I tend to use quite a lot of shimmers as I tend to go quite bold on my eyes and pair that with a soft lip. My two favourite shades from this palette are the two last shadows, the beige and shimmer pink shade. These two shades blend the best out of the bunch and together create a natural but still bold eye. I find that the beige shade is quite a good highlighting shade that I tend to apply to the inner corner of my eyes. And the pink shimmer has the copper tint to it that blends really well and adds a bit of colour to my skin. 

The rest of the shadows in this palette perform pretty well, I find that with some of the shimmers I need to use a little bit of eyeshadow primer and fix plus to get them to their full potential. But that is to be expected with some shimmers. This palette is really neutral so you could struggle a little if you wanted to go for quite a bold and more dark smokey eye. I tend to use more of the neutral shades as I haven't perfected the dark bold smokey eye fully yet. 

In terms of wear time these aren't the best, alone with no primer I get about 4 hours before any movement or wear. It normally takes quite a bit of primer and fix plus to get these to last all day. The primer that they provide doesn't really do anything, although it does create a smooth base for your eyeshadow it doesn't help it stick. 

If you suffer with uneven texture on your eyelids then this primer can help with it but this won't really work for keeping it on your eyes. I don't necessarily mind having to use an eye primer such as the Urban Decay Primer potion and my MAC fix plus to help them stick as I already own them but for someone who is maybe just getting into makeup and wants to start building their collection. This may be a better palette to invest in when you have some strong eye primers to help with it. 

The palette retails for £7.99 which for 12 shades isn't bad. I paid £4.99 for this as the Seventeen Brand was having an offer. I wouldn't pay £7.99 for this just because it doesn't have the wear time that I need from it without having to use additional products. If you add a bottle of fix plus and primer  potion to the deal it becomes quite expensive for a palette that isn't that strong. Although the colours are beautiful and the pigmentation is there I just don't see the full value in this. 

If you have any eyeshadow palettes you think I will like leave a comment down below. 

                                         Until next time, Chloe!