The Lock It Primer Promise- Kat Von D Lock-It Primer

If you have been living under a rock for the past year then you may not know that tattoo artist Kat Von D released her own makeup line. Feauting contour palettes to eyeshadows, liquid lips to concealers she has brought out almost a full range of products. Some of her most recent products added to the collection are the Lock it Foundation and the pairing Primer. At the moment her products aren't officially in stores in the Uk but you can buy them online through Debenhams. I didn't want to go through the hassle of trying to match my shade online for the foundation so I just picked up the primer first to give that a go.

I started testing this primer with a new foundation as all my other foundations had been tried and tested on my skin for quite some time so I didn't expect the results to be any different than normal. The primer claims to be a hydrating base for your makeup to sit on. What is odd is that there is nothing on the packaging itself which really talks about what the product can do for you. There is a lot of information about the product online about it but not much on the packaging. It is a water-based formula which helps to hydrate your face and compared to silicone primers that can sit on your face this intends to sink into the skin allowing your foundation to go onto a smooth base rather than having to sit on top of your skin.

This primer tends to sink into the skin fairly quickly, I give it around ten minutes whilst I get changed in the morning to sink in. I don't really notice any different to the feel of my face, it feels like normal but it does look less dry around my nose and on my forehead. I try to leave the primer as long as possible before foundation. After I apply my foundation my face looks fairly decent, I am using a lot of foundation and concealer at the moment as I have a lot of redness and spots that have appeared out of nowhere so I like to make sure this isn't clogging up my pores. Throughout the day the primer holds up fairly well, I tend to have to use a bit of powder about 5 hours in but if I bake that morning I am fine for the whole day.

As a base primer to hydrate skin I am impressed, I would say it helps to a degree to lock-in my foundation as I have tried using none of this primer with my foundation and it has looked fairly okay. I just don't get a big wow effect from this. It isn't a primer that absolutely blows me away, something like the Benefit Professional is more of a product that I always cling to. This primer is something that I would use if it's all I had left.

What I can't fault is the packaging, the bottle and the box itself have such a unique design and are on brand with Kat Von D's style. From the stars on the inside of the box to the tattoo lettering on the bottle you can see the creativity here is very focused around Kat. It looks like a luxury product that you just want to display. Rather than wanting to hid it in your makeup draws because it looks cheap.

I am however going to be finishing this up as I have used just short of a quarter of it and I really want to get my money's worth. £24 for a primer that hydrates your skin is an awful lot when you could be spending that money on a good quality moisturiser that you can use day and night. Products such as the Clinique PepStart HydroBlur Moisturiser £24.50 work great as a moisturiser and primer if you use a little amount and really work it into the skin. As much as I like the finish of this primer I don't see myself re-purchasing this when it runs out. I am still tempted to try the foundation maybe when it is available in store for me to get my shade sorted.

Comment down below with any primer recommendations and let me know if you've tried the Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation.

                                                     Until next time, Chloe!