Zoeva Palette - The Cool Spectrum Hit Of The Shadows

Ever waned to venture into the bright purple eyeshadow look or even rock a mermaid blue eye? Majority of people nowadays tend to go for the softer more neutral looks and hide far in the corner away from brighter colours. But what about if you could get a palette that combined your most loved neutrals and those bright colours you will be dying to try. All this comes from the Zoeva Cool Spectrum eyeshadow palette.

Featuring 15 shades from mattes to shimmer this palette really features everything. The fact that this has mainly neutral shades means that you can use this as a day and night palette. Having a neutral eye during the day then popping a bit of that purple onto the lid makes it into a night eye look. 

The palette features a pure bright white shade which I tend to use towards the inner corner of the lid to brighten my eyes. And with most palettes it also features a pure charcoal black colour that can be used to create a smokey eye or if you want it can give that messy eyeliner type look. My most used shades from this palette are the white and beige shade next to each other. If I am in a rush or just not wanting to have a lot on my eye I will blend these two together and create a soft subtle look. 

I have been venturing however into the blue and purple glittery shades and they are beautiful. Beyond pigmented and easy enough to blend with a little bit of precision and white shadow I can create some really good lucks that can be for everyday if you match them with the right things. 

The shadows I'm not using as much are the pure charcoal and the taupe glitter near the black. They are both beyond pigmented but I find that the black one for me is just not a type of shade I use all the time I like to create brighter smoky eyes rather than using a standard black colour. For the taupe glitter I find that this tends to wash my face out, I am not exactly tanned or pale but this tends to make my skin look quite fair. For someone who has a deeper skin tone this would be perfect for you but for me this shadow just  didn't quite do it. 

In terms of wear time the shadows last fairly well, without primer I get a good 6 hours before their is any signs of movement or wear. I would recommend wearing a primer with these shadows as it helps the glittery shades to stay intact for a lot longer. The shadows are really soft and easy to blend into the skin, I find that the glittery shades aren't chunky which is a bonus when you are having to apply different types of shadows onto your eyes. 

The last thing I want to mention is the packaging, sticking with the spectrum theme this comes in beautiful black packaging with lines that have the spectrum of colours peeking through. My only downside would be that the Zoeva palettes never have a mirror. Even though I think the packaging is divine and with it being in a cardboard packaging it's a bit easier to travel with plus it's lightweight. I just wish for a palette with this many shadows that their would be a mirror as you could create a full eye look with this. For on the go you would need to have a little compact mirror with you but for me at home I tend to use my own mirror anyway. 

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this. I wouldn't knock that many points off for it not having a mirror as none of the Zoeva palettes tend to have an actual mirror for now. If you are looking for a bright palette that still features your neutral shades but you don't want to buy the Urban Decay Alice Palette then this is a good little one to start with. For just £28 (depending on where you shop as these are going quick!) you get 15 shades that are easy to blend and allow you to experiment with colour. So go on you know you want to!

I hope you have found this review useful and if you have any palettes recommendations for me comment them down below. 

                          Until next time, Chloe!