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My Goals Til The End Of The Year

WOO, I'm back, it feels weird having a bit of a break. But in all honesty it was very overdue, I'm the kind of person that finds themselves running on empty quite a bit. It's something I don't want to be like obviously, but I'm very much an 'oh well I'll find time for a break later on' rather than at the moment when I need it. It's not exactly been a relaxing sit around do nothing, it's been more of a right I have a new job so my attention needs to be on that, I'm in the world of 9-5 so it's taken me some time to find my feet and get settled into the new routine. 

But I feel like I've got there now, I actually do 7 hours a day so my trick to combat that is to do add an extra hour onto my day to go to a cute cafe and get some blog posts done. And with that, I wanted to set myself some goals so that this break and time to think was for more than my return post. My blog has been very up and down over the years, it's had an up and dow…

My Most Loved Products of 2016

For makeup and other beauty products this has been a bit of a trial year. I have been trying different looks and trends to find what I like, some of the products from all this have stayed with me all year. There are a few products from last year that I still use religiously so let's get to mentioning the honourable products. 

First up is the Sleek Highlighting palette in Solstice. This has been a pull through product of the past year and a half. It features 3 powders and one cream highlight. I love the clear mix of colours this has and how soft and pigmented they are. I like to go for a really standout highlight so mixing the yellow and purple shade helps to create a really nice glow. I couldn't rave enough about this product and what makes it better is that this little gem is less than £10

Next in the line is the Nyx Liquid Suede lipsticks, now if you've seen my blog before you probably know every little detail of why I love these. They are creamy liquid lipsticks that do…

Merry Christmas Everyone: Year in Review

This past year has gone by so fast, from leaving college and starting University it never seems to stop for a minute. 

I wanted to take this year for myself, to deal with some things and really focus on myself for once. Now a year on from this goal and I'd say I'm at least 70% there. I'm more confident and physically I'm happy with what I see in the mirror finally. I needed a year out to sort myself out, during this I've helped find myself. From the way I want my makeup to look to the way I want to dress. I've finally hit a base where I can continue from. 

All this ties into my blog, I haven't been mad busy with my blog this year as I wanted to focus on myself first. I have really loved the posts I've done this year but I'm ready to go for it fully in 2017. 
I'm not promising blog posts everyday but I'm saying at least one a week. With University and work still being a big priority of mine I have those to consider. However, I am happy with wher…

Is This Really Like A Second Skin: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Natural looking foundation has always been a fear of mine, I don't necessarily want everyone to still be able to see my spots and acne scars after I have just spent money and time to conceal them. I want a flawless face that gives the illusion that I haven't lived through any teenage years and my skin is at its absolutely best. The problem is with all this is that it's a lot of time and work to get your foundation and concealer to mask everything, I spent just over 10 minutes alone on color correcting and concealing even before foundation trying to hide everything. To have it be disappearing like my student finance money within 7 hours of it being on my face. 

I decided one day to tone it down a little, still have my concealer and colour correctors there incase I need them but to look at my foundation and find one that was a little more 'natural'. I wanted it to look like my skin but better, not an airbrushed barbie doll version of my skin. After searching high and …

November Favourites

I'm sure each month goes by quicker than the last. November seems to have only started yesterday and yet we are so close to Christmas and New Year. As usual I am going to be sharing with you my favourite products I have been using throughout this month. First thing I want to mention isn't a product but instead a drink. As it has been getting so cold I have been buying a lot of hot drinks, not really a coffee fan myself but I will never say no to a hot chocolate. As with tradition Costa have brought out their limited edition hot chocolates from mint to chocolate orange they offer a good selection. My favourite is the chocolate orange, it isn't too strong and if you aren't a fan of that they have brought back their Black Forest one back. Plus can we appreciate how cute the cups are this year. 

Anyway on with the actual products I have been using this past month first up is a lip balm. I don't normally talk about lip care but for the past month and a bit my lips have b…