Is This Really Like A Second Skin: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Natural looking foundation has always been a fear of mine, I don't necessarily want everyone to still be able to see my spots and acne scars after I have just spent money and time to conceal them. I want a flawless face that gives the illusion that I haven't lived through any teenage years and my skin is at its absolutely best. The problem is with all this is that it's a lot of time and work to get your foundation and concealer to mask everything, I spent just over 10 minutes alone on color correcting and concealing even before foundation trying to hide everything. To have it be disappearing like my student finance money within 7 hours of it being on my face. 

I decided one day to tone it down a little, still have my concealer and colour correctors there incase I need them but to look at my foundation and find one that was a little more 'natural'. I wanted it to look like my skin but better, not an airbrushed barbie doll version of my skin. After searching high and low for a foundation that had medium/high coverage but still natural I decided to test out the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

I picked up the shade Y245 which is a tad too dark for me so I use some of the NYX lightning foundation to match it to my skin. I normally just apply this with a beauty blender making sure to blend it in more around the areas of my face where it needs it more. The one thing I notice about this foundation straight away is that it works to my skin a little. It doesn't sit on top of my face and make it look like I've got the best skin in the world instead it works with what is there. This isn't the best at concealing around my eye area as I have quite dark undereyes but I would normally conceal this anyway. 

I am a fan of how it looks without concealer which isn't normally something I would like. I feel confident enough to go out with just this nothing else on and feel like I still have some cover. It blends really well over my spots and doesn't create any texture which is a massive problem I have when I use colour correctors, concealers and foundations together. 

As this is quite a natural foundation that is meant to create a second skin I do have a lot of problems when it comes to oiliness with this. I tend to set my foundation with powder in the morning making sure to add extra to my t-zone and under my eyes. Then about 3/4 hours later I need a little touch up. I don't necessarily mind this as the oil situation isn't crazy, it doesn't look like I have just walked out of the fryers at McDonalds it looks more like my face has a little bit of shine. 

This tends to sit quite well with my concealers and other face products, as I have been testing this foundation out I didn't want to try any other products incase my face reacted negatively to it all. This works really well with my concealers which at the moment I am using the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and my Urban Decay Naked Skin concealers. Both this concealers are quite natural and creamy making them not too heavy which helps to blend nicely with my foundation. 

Overall, I can't complain about this foundation. It was designed to give the appearance of a second skin, providing medium coverage and conceals imperfections to unify the skin's texture. The foundation retails for £29 which is up there in price for a foundation that does give off such a natural finish. But if you want a foundation that enhances your skin rather than creating a fake version of yourself then I strongly recommend this. They have brought this out in over 26 shades so there is bound to be a match for you. 

                              Until next time, Chloe!