My Most Loved Products of 2016

For makeup and other beauty products this has been a bit of a trial year. I have been trying different looks and trends to find what I like, some of the products from all this have stayed with me all year. There are a few products from last year that I still use religiously so let's get to mentioning the honourable products. 

First up is the Sleek Highlighting palette in Solstice. This has been a pull through product of the past year and a half. It features 3 powders and one cream highlight. I love the clear mix of colours this has and how soft and pigmented they are. I like to go for a really standout highlight so mixing the yellow and purple shade helps to create a really nice glow. I couldn't rave enough about this product and what makes it better is that this little gem is less than £10

Next in the line is the Nyx Liquid Suede lipsticks, now if you've seen my blog before you probably know every little detail of why I love these. They are creamy liquid lipsticks that don't suck the life out of your lips. They have brought this out in so many different shades to suit everyones liking. I personally love the bolder shades like Stone Fox which is this beautiful blue/grey shade. They are priced at £6.50 and somehow I haven't managed to run out of one of these yet so they're definitely worth the amount you get. 

For foundations I have two holy grails, first up is the Urban Decay Naked skin foundation. This is a lightweight medium coverage foundation that helps to give my skin that added boost. With a build able coverage and easy enough to blend this foundation works great as an everyday into nighttime foundation. It isn't drying or oily meaning I can go quite a long time with this on before I need to use any powder. As it is a highstreet foundation it is fairly expensive at £27 but the coverage is great and one bottle of this goes a seriously long way. But if you are looking for a more natural looking foundation this Make Up Forever HD foundation could be your best match. Coming in over 26 shades this foundation is bound to match everyone. With its light build able coverage this foundation helps to enhance the skin without sitting on it and creating an illusion. This helps to improve the look of your skin without making it cakey or oily. This one doesn't last as long as controlling oil as much as the Urban Decay foundation does. This retails for £29 but as a more natural looking foundation I wouldn't say the price is that bad for it. 

Next up is another product from Urban Decay, paired with their Naked skin foundation they have a matching concealer as well. This is a lightweight formula that has a creamy consistency. This is fairly thick but it doesn't cake over any blemishes or the under eye area. I tend to use this generously under the eyes and then on any spots. This blends quite quickly though I would recommend a beauty blender with this as it can be quite difficult to do with just your finger as the consistency is so thick. This lasts all day, enough to be worn on its own and the shade range for this concealer is pretty impressive. At £17.50 this is a good all round concealer that ticks all the boxes for me. 

For skincare I have been loving using the L'Oreal Pure Clay masks. I tend to multi-mask and use all three on different areas of my face to get the best results. These are simple budgeproof masks that work into the skin, cleaning and purifying it whilst you go on with your day. And for just £7.99 you can't fault it. 

Another mask is the Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet mask. This is a simple moisture mask you apply and leave until it is fully dry. I like this mask as it doesn't feel like it's about to slide off my face, it's quite lightweight for a moisture mask. After applying this my skin feels and looks hydrated, this moisture normally lasts for a strong 3 days which isn't bad for a 99p mask. 

The last product I'm going to mention is a moisturiser. It's the Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Refreshing Jelly Moisturiser. This is just a simple gel like moisturiser that sinks into the skin quite quickly. What I love the most about this product is the packaging. It's a simple pump design that helps to stop you from wasting any product. As moisturisers last a long time I've only gone through 3 of these the whole year. Priced at £4.59 you seriously need to try it. 

And that's it for my most loved products. This year is drawing to a close and I cannot wait for next year. I'll be getting back into this blog so look forward for my next blog post next Wednesday. 

                     Until next time, Chloe!