November Favourites

I'm sure each month goes by quicker than the last. November seems to have only started yesterday and yet we are so close to Christmas and New Year. As usual I am going to be sharing with you my favourite products I have been using throughout this month. First thing I want to mention isn't a product but instead a drink. As it has been getting so cold I have been buying a lot of hot drinks, not really a coffee fan myself but I will never say no to a hot chocolate. As with tradition Costa have brought out their limited edition hot chocolates from mint to chocolate orange they offer a good selection. My favourite is the chocolate orange, it isn't too strong and if you aren't a fan of that they have brought back their Black Forest one back. Plus can we appreciate how cute the cups are this year. 

Anyway on with the actual products I have been using this past month first up is a lip balm. I don't normally talk about lip care but for the past month and a bit my lips have become so dry. I don't think wearing liquid lipsticks 24/7 helps with this issue so I have been stocking up on plenty of Vaseline. They have just released a limited edition tin in collaboration with Lulu Guinness. You can't stand there and say this isn't an adorable design. The one thing I like about Vaseline is that you don't need a lot, I have been using it day and night for the past month and there isn't even a dent in the tin yet. For just £2.99 you'd be a fool not to look after your lips this Winter. 

Next up is another body care item. I normally don't tend to change shower gels often as my skin can be quite sensitive when I change a lot of products but I was getting tired of using really sweet scents and decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for a different one. I picked up the Boots Zingy Ginger and Orange Shower Gel. I smelt this in the shop and wow it's good. There is a little hint of spice to it but not so much that you feel like you have to go outside for fresh air afterwards. This is quite a good Winter scent that I love using. You don't require a lot of it which is a bonus as I tend to go through shower gels quite quickly sometimes. And what is even better is that this is only 75p. They do quite a lot of different scents ranging from really sweet scents to a mint one so there is bound to be something for everyone. 

For makeup the first product I have been using constantly is the NYX Liquid Suede £6.50 in the shade Vintage. This is a deep red which is perfect for this type of year. I haven't mentioned this endlessly on my blog before. I always reach for the liquid suedes because of the formula, they are creamy and hydrating without looking to glossy. They can be matted down but personally I don't mind the fact that they have a little shine to them. If you want a more in depth review of the liquid suedes I will leave my review here

Last up for my favourites is an eyeshadow palette I have ventured back to. In September I put the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes in my favourites. I have never done a full in depth review of this really but the palette features a good mix of neutral and darker shades. This is a pricey palette retailing at £39 but with the selection of colours this does become a day to night palette. I have been leaning towards this for the past month as I have been enjoying using the neutral colours. They are all slightly bronzy and help to create a fairly natural look for the days when I might want to do a bold lip or just  want to go really natural with my makeup. I will agree that this is an expensive palette but if you enjoy practicing and testing out different colours and going for the more daring shades whilst still having your neutral shades close by then I would really recommend this palette. 

And that's it for my favourites. I haven't been trying that many new things this month as I have been so busy with Uni and work to put my full attention onto new products but if you have any products you have recently tried and loved comment them down below.

                                 Until next time, Chloe!