Is The BeautyBlender Really Worth It?

When it comes to makeup application I don't tend to change my brushes often, yes I try to stick to cleaning them roughly every 2-3 weeks but in terms of what I use my set of tools is pretty standard. One of the die hard pieces I can't not use on my everyday makeup is the beauty blender. You've probably heard endless things about this little gadget. Incase you haven't allow me to enlighten you about this beauty.

The beauty blender is a makeup blending sponge that blends your makeup beautifully into the skin, it can change the way your foundation and overall face looks significantly. You just need to run this under the tap for a couple of seconds until it is damp and then it is good to go. I have gone through about 3 beauty blenders in the past year and a half.

Honestly I can't look back from using it, the sponge works so well and if you clean it right and care for it properly you can get an awful lot of wear. I only recently bought my third one as I got a little Christmas deal on it. They are really a wonderful thing to use. The only downside would be that because it is a sponge it does absorb the product more than a brush would do. But it helps to evenly distribute the product onto your skin helping to avoid that ever so dreaded cake face.

The other negative is the price, retailing at £16 this is pricey for some people. For me as something I use everyday I don't mind spending the money as I get my wear and use out of it that I need. However, there are a few alternatives available on the market you can try and see if they compare to the real deal.

The closest match I have managed to find is the Real Techniques Complexion Sponge £5.99 this is an angled take on the beauty blender. Aimed at helping foundation application to be easy and flawless this sponge definitely has more qualities in terms of design to it. This is around the same size as the beauty blender when damp and doesn't soak up too much product just the same as the beauty blender does. My only nitpick with this sponge however is that the product just doesn't go soft when you wet it, I like to only use this sponge to apply contour as it helps to keep the product still on the surface but for something like foundation or concealer for me personally this is too hard for my skin. As I suffer from acne I don't want to be using something everyday that is gonna be hard and puts pressure on my skin. If you aren't a huge fan of how soft the beauty blender is then this could definitely be a good option for you. It blends out my makeup beautifully I just can't stand how rough it is on my skin.

If you look online there are tons of companies that have tried to recreate the original beauty blender at a much lower price point. I have tried a lot of the small scale ones that retail for about £3 each and they are much better suited for blending contours and creams rather than liquid foundation or concealer as they are too dense and just don't help your foundation sink into the skin as it should do.

Overall, I personally would still recommend the original beauty blender through and through. Yes it is more of a splurge product but seeing as these don't have to be replaced as often as other makeup products I'd say you get your moneys worth.

But as always I want to hear your opinion, comment down below what you think of the beauty blender. Or even any similar ones that are a good match to it, I would love to hear what you think.

                           Until next time, Chloe!