NYX Warm Neutrals Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette- Review

 If you've been on my blog before you will have at least once heard me mention the NYX liquid suede lipsticks. I haven't tried an awful lot from NYX in the past but after a Boxing day shopping trip I picked up a few things from them including one of their 16 shadow eyeshadow palette. I got mine in Warm Neutral as this features some warm shades that I thought would be good for the moment as we are still in that Winter stage. 

The packaging is just your standard plastic casing which is pretty common for drugstore packaging. I prefer this compared to the cardboard like packaging brands such as Barry M and Collection use as this seems to be a lot more durable. One downside with this packaging however is that there is no mirror with it. With a big palette like this it would be nice to have a mirror included as it makes travelling with this and my other makeup a lot easier. Because this features so many shadows that I wouldn't need to take another palette with me having a mirror would be ideal. 

Moving onto the actual shadows I absolutely love the colour selection. There's enough neutral colours to make this a very soft look but there's still plenty of shimmers and dark colours to mix the look up. I've been testing out some of the darker shades more just to see how they swatch and blend and they do a pretty good job. These shadows do require a fair of blending to get them to really work. Which I wouldn't say is necessarily a con but it would be nicer if these blended a little softer. 

One of the best parts of this palettes are the shimmers, they are soft and easy enough to apply. They aren't chunky which a lot of lower end eyeshadows tend to be. They glide onto the lid easily and don't separate all over the lid. There is one of the glitters that I haven't used which is the more brown/red glitter as it just doesn't seem to work with my skin tone. It tends to look muddy on my eyes and just isn't flattering. Apart from that the rest of the shimmers work well. 

However, I wouldn't say that these are the best shimmer eyeshadows I have ever tried and I am not going to be sticking to these shimmers forever. My favourite affordable shimmer eyeshadow palette still has to be the Zoeva Rose Golden Palette £17.50. It is hands down one of the easiest and most pigmented glitter palettes I have used, loved, and always gone back to. 

In terms of performance these shadows can last for a fairly long time, I can get about 6/7 hours wear with these without primer before they really start to show their wear. With an eyeshadow primer they can last for a good 10 hours before I need to look at fixing it a little. The shimmer doesn't fade and the shadows don't disappear it all just seems to separate a little. But with just a quick bit of shadow it fixes it all. 

This palette retails for £16 which for 16 eyeshadow shades isn't too shabby. The shadows are well pigemented and do blend quite well if you know the best ways to blend them in properly. The packaging is good it isn't my favourite and definitely not the most useful packaging but it gets the job done. The shadows last for a fairly long time and with the amount of shadows in here you can create a ton of different looks. 

After listing all that would I repurchase this if I ever ran out? Probably not. For the price and quality this palette does well I'm just not blown away by it. If the shadows blended a bit better and if the palette was more travel-friendly I would probably have this as one of my staple palettes. I am going to continue using this but alongside my other palettes as it helps me to get a much smoother look altogether. 

I hope you have enjoyed my review of the NYX Warm Neutrals eyeshadow palettes if you have any recommendations or if you have tried this palette yourself feel free to let me know by commenting down below. 

                             Until next time, Chloe!