Birchbox 3 Months On

Subscription boxes are a weird niche, they're a nice little pick me up each month tailored to you. For me, I've always wanted to try these and for the past three months, I've been subscribed to Birchbox. Each month I've received a bunch of products and I've given my verdict on them. I thought I would review the whole service after three months of purchasing and share my loves from the boxes and the ones you could definitely miss out on. 

The boxes overall have been good, there hasn't been any in which I haven't been disappointed. The service offers boxes tailored to you, after filling out a quick questionnaire it helps to tailor the products to you. What I've found throughout the boxes is it's normally 1 or 2 products that you will receive that might be different to what other people receive. This means there isn't that much personalisation around the box and what you get. 

However, I feel like the products in there, for the most part, are tailore…

Urban Decay All-Nighter Foundation First Impressions

After testing out a lot of foundations in the past year, I've started to grasp a better idea of the foundations that work best for my face and give the look I wanted. For the warmer months I am leaning more towards the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation for the lightweight medium coverage it gives. But whilst we are still in the colder months I'm looking for something with a bit more coverage. So I decided to test out the Urban Decay All-Nighter foundation. 

This is a full coverage matte finish and oil free foundation that claims to last all day and creates a flawless base for your foundation. I picked it up in the shade 1.5 which is a perfect match for me. Urban Decay feature a fairly big range of shades so hopefully there is enough for everyone. 

Because of how full the coverage is you only need one pump which helps to save a lot of product as I use foundation almost everyday. I find this foundation works best with a beauty blender as it helps to distribute the product without making the foundation cakey or losing the coverage. This foundation does dry fairly quick so I like to make sure the area of my face is blended fully before moving onto other parts of my face. 

Once the foundation dries this goes to a matte finish, the foundation is a little dewy near my cheeks but it's mainly matte for the most part. Personally, I prefer this with foundations as my face can be quite oily sometimes. Once I have finished off my face I apply a little bit of powder to set my face, at this point I will point out that you don't need to use an awful lot of powder with this foundation because it is so full coverage using a lot of powder can make the foundation cake up. 

I have tested this foundation on a daily basis and on a night out just to see how well it lasts. On a day to day basis this holds pretty well for a strong 10 hours before I notice that a bit of touching up and powder is needed. As I am normally on long days where I can't touch up my makeup a lot of the time for a good couple of hours having a foundation like this that lasts for a long time is really impressive. On a night out the foundation lasts about 7 hours before I need to look at touching it up which when being in a bar or a club isn't too bad considering the place can get full and can get really warm. I'm impressed by how well this can hold up without caking up. 

The foundations retails for £27 and features 24 shades featuring some really pale shades and some darker shades appealing to more people now. For a full coverage long lasting foundation I am really happy to pay the price for this one. If you are wanting a foundation with medium coverage that still holds well for the same price point the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation is a really good alternative. I have a full review of the foundation here

Overall, I am a big fan of this foundation. I love the coverage and how long is lasts with it ticking all the boxes for me I'm going to be sticking with this one for a good while. If there are any foundations out there that you have tried and loved feel free to comment them down below and I may even review them. 

                     Until next time, Chloe!


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