January Favourites

January has been a busy month, I haven't stopped from having exams since getting back into University. I've found myself being insulated in the walls within the university Library. At one point I considered moving all my stuff in there. With the spare time I have had I've been experimenting a bit more with my makeup, going back to old favourites of mine I had long ago forgotten. I've even been trying out some new shower and body stuff too this month.

Starting with the makeup the one new discovery of mine is the Stargazer Glitter Dust in 32. I picked this up towards the beginning of this month shortly after Christmas and it is this beautiful bronzed glitter that works great on my eyes. I tend to pat this lightly onto the eye over a fairly neutral look to make sure it's not too out there for everyday wear. It sits really nice and is a good colour to use towards your inner eye as it helps brighten everything and bring the attention right to your eyes. This pot was only £4 and just a little bit of glitter goes a long way.

Moving onto some old favourites of mine. I have found myself reaching back to the Maybelline Lash Sensational Black Waterproof Mascara. I have always been a big fan of dramatic lashes, they help to open my eyes up and really finish the look. This creates dramatic lashes very quickly so make sure you don't apply too much as it goes flakey very quickly if you use too much. I tend need 2 coats but I build it up whilst I go along making sure to get every lash. The wand is a curved shape which personally for me gets to my lashes better as it fits the shape of your eye better compared to the straight line wands that a lot of brands go for. This mascara is seriously hard to take off if you're just using a wipe, because it is waterproof I suggest a foam wash or some micellar water as otherwise this isn't budging. At £7.99 this is a mascara you can't miss out on!

Next up is the Sleek Colour Correcting Palette. I raved on about this a while ago and over the Christmas holiday I just didn't go towards it, I didn't want to have to be piling a load of makeup on all the time as I was mainly spending time with my family who honestly wouldn't have noticed a difference. But straight after Christmas my skin was starting to make up for food I ate and a mountain of spots have formed so the green shade in this has become my saving grace. Because of how pigmented and thick this is I apply it before any foundation or concealer just to make sure any redness is concealed. I pat this in using a foundation brush as it helps to make sure the concealer doesn't go around everywhere. As my foundation is very high coverage this helps to cover everything up. The concealers are really creamy and easy to blend and I have worn the peachy nude shade with no other makeup just to brighten up my face and it does a pretty good job to be fair. For £7.99 this is a really good starter palette if you've never tried colour correcting before or if you just don't want to splurge on the higher end products. 

The last bit of makeup I have been loving is the L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Base Primer. This is a silicone type primer that works to sink into the skin helping to clear any oil and creates a smooth base for your makeup to go onto. This takes a while to sink in properly so I tend to apply this the minute I wake up after cleaning my face as I don't like to apply makeup on top when it is still trying to set. This has a light texture and helps to hold my makeup in place all day. For oiliness this works fairly well, I don't necessarily notice a difference in the look of my makeup as the foundation I use is very mattifying anyway but this is seriously good for oil control. For £7.99 this is a good drugstore primer you really need to invest in. 

Moving onto bodycare, I have really been loving using the Lush Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream. I received this in a little set at Christmas and I haven't stopped using it since. I recently just bought a full size bottle of this as I can't get enough of it. This shower cream makes my skin so soft and clean, it smells like Terry's Chocolate Orange which is such a nice scent to have left on your skin at the end of a long day. My main love about this is that my skin feels so soft after using this. I have used other lower end shower creams that just have not compared to this one at all. It is up in there in price at £4.95 for 100g or £9.95 for 250g but with something like this you shouldn't run out of it quickly so this is definitely something to invest in. 

Lastly for my favourites, I have been loving is the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream. I use this just after getting out of the shower and at night to help my skin stay nice and smooth. This has a very sweet smelling scent a bit like maple pancakes. If you're not a huge fan of their sweet scents then there are other options available in their range. You only need a little bit of this which is a god send as these buttercream average around the £10 for 300ml. But because of how much you get it takes a very long time to use one of these tubs. You can also buy them in miniature sizes as well which is what I did first as I wasn't sure whether I would really like the product but I've now been converted onto their buttercreams because they are so soft and easy to massage into the skin. 

And there we have it, they are my favourites of the month of January. I want to now know what your January favourites have been so feel free to comment them down below. If you have any products to recommend to me comment them down below and I could be reviewing them next time. 

                        Until next time, Chloe!