Here's Why You Need Moringa Oil

Every now and then I invest in a new oil to help look after my skin. I love using oils because I love how natural they are and how good they are for your skin. I tend to use an oil for about 3 months then allow my skin a break for a little bit and then get back into using one again. As I suffer from acne prone skin I don't like to use too many products that could make my acne worse. 

After using tea tree oil for a long time I decided to move onto Moringa Oil. I received an offer to trial out the Wikaniko Moringa Oil to try and I have never been happier to test out a new oil. As someone who has acne and combination skin I really wanted to make sure that this would be benefitting my skin. 

This oil is amazing for fighting acne and blackheads as it helps to target the spots and calm them down. It reduces redness and stops any dirt that is trapped around the spot from spreading. On top of this it helps to leave your skin radiant and glowy. As someone who is highlighter obsessed having an added glow is never a bad thing in my opinion. It is also useful for anti-ageing effects, this isn't a main concern for me at the moment but I do have a lot of frown lines on my forehead that I do like to focus on now rather than later. 

I use this oil every night using about 2/3 pumps and massaging it into my skin. I use this before any of my creams or moisturisers to ensure that it really goes into the skin. I only use this at night as I find that using it at night is enough. My skin has become a lot softer and smoother since using this. 

Another massive change I have noticed is how well my makeup now applies. Since using this my makeup has gone on a lot better and hasn't been oxidising throughout the day. My skin was clearly missing something before I started using this. 

You get 100ml of the oil which in my opinion is more than enough. As you only need a little bit to go a long way! It comes in a plastic spray bottle which is honestly one of the best things for an oil. It means I can take it with me when I travel and not have to worry of it smashing if it was in a glass bottle. The spray pump is convenient as it allows you to get the right amount of product out without wasting any. 

The oil retails for £16.95 but until the end of March I have managed to get a 10% discount code use MOR10 at the checkout. You seriously need to try this stuff I can't praise it enough. 

Comment down below how you have found the oil and if you have any other recommendations for me comment them down below

                   Until next time, Chloe!