The Memory Lane of Makeup

The other day I decided to search through my old makeup, I remember the days of my blue eyeshadow that was as sheer as air and a mascara I got in Shout magazine that did nothing at all for my eyelashes but I used to think I looked so good. I remember saving up my pocket money each week to be able to go to Superdrug and buy the 99p face masks which years later are honestly still great.

I found some of my old favourite products and it got me thinking about my makeup journey. I decided to share with you some of the staple products I constantly used and talk about how my makeup has evolved over the years. My first ever foundation was one that Avon did. I remember begging my grandma for it and I was over the moon when it came. It was one of the most patchiest foundations ever but to me it was like goldust.

I remember the main product I used to obsess over was the Rimmel nail polishes. I used to have almost every single shade and I couldn't resist getting more every time. I blogged about one of the Rita Ora ones, reading the post now makes me laugh so much. I idolised that £2.99 nail polish like it was Chanel. I decided to try one the other day and even after all these years they still work great. The quality of a £2.99 nail polish really is wonderful, the shade range is even bigger now then I remember. It has almost doubled in size since the last time I checked it out. Rimmel was the main brand I used to wear, I loved their 24 hour foundation and the match perfection foundation. For my prom in year 11 I raided the display and created such a decent look from the simplest of products. One Rimmel product I do repurchase a lot is the Stay Matte Powder. I don't use this often but I do like to use it to set my makeup, as it is a pressed powder you can't bake with it but it's good for the Summer days when I need to sort the oil situation out on my face.

Another brand I used to love was Collection, I still check out their stands and displays constantly. I am always looking at their social media to see if there are any new products I want to try out. Now my first love from this brand was their ever so famous Lasting Perfection Concealer. I haven't used this in a while but I would love to compare it to my Urban Decay concealer one day. But the one product I used to constantly use all the time was the Collection Extreme Felt Tip Black Eyeliner £2.99. I started to get into wing eyeliner when I was around 15 so it wasn't too long ago but there has definitely been improvements in my ability over the past 3 years. This is such a thick pen that gives you serious Cleopatra eyes if you aren't careful. How I managed to avoid that was beyond me but this was such a good eyeliner for me to practice with. It never dried out and was fully matte black. I remember I bought the brown and blue ones just to experiment with and to be honest they weren't that bad.

As I got older I started to explore more brands, I had a real phase with Maybelline and I remember being obsessed with this really nude almost beige lipstick they did that for the life of me I cannot fin. What do I remember is that when I started to get a bit more pocket money I splurged at the Revlon stand one day. I was so overwhelmed by the products and how mature they looked compared to Rimmel's bright and colourful packaging. I picked up the constantly raved about Colourstay Foundation and the matching concealer. After being broke out to hell by the foundation I finally dared the concealer. This was at the time when I had just mastered foundation so concealer was the next adventure. I always remember doing triangles of thick concealer and half blending them out as I wanted it to be obvious that I wore makeup because I had this obsession with looking older. Nevertheless it wasn't the cutest makeup look I have ever done. But the concealer really did work quite well when I finally learnt how to use it properly.

I have decided to end this makeup journey on the biggest splurge I did when I was younger. I was heavily influenced by youtube when it came to makeup. All I ever heard about was MAC and the Urban Decay Naked palettes. After months of saving and researching I bought my first ever MAC lipstick. Now you weren't a proper makeup fan if you didn't own Velvet Teddy at the time. It is this peachy nude shade that dries down semi- matte. There is a slight hint of shine but not too much. I remember buying this and feel so grown up because of it. I would take it everywhere with me applying it whenever just so people would see. I was so proud of owing it. Now I don't think I would even go near that shade ever again in my life.

I think the MAC lipstick just summarises my makeup journey, I have gauged the best techniques and methods to applying my makeup and the looks and colours that I like to wear. I am so surprised by some of the products I had when I was younger. There are so many more products I would like to mention here. If you wanna see a part two to this comment down below. Also give my Twitter and Instagram a follow to stay updated with my day to day life.

                                       Until next time, Chloe!