Zoeva Nude Spectrum Palette // Review

A couple months back I reviewed the Zoeva Colour Spectrum palette and I fell in love instantly with it. I like using colourful shades every now and then on the eyes and the palette had such a good mix of colours I love using. I decided that I wanted to venture into their more neutral shades so I picked up the Nude Spectrum Palette and my god I am in heaven. 

First off Zoeva really do hit it on the head when it comes to packaging, the sleek simple design with the slight hints of metallic all through the packaging and the overall look of this just makes it look expensive and worth the price. I mentioned this last time but it doesn't come with a mirror which is annoying as I take this travelling with me so a mirror would be convenient but I normally take a little mirror with me anyway just incase so I can pass over that. 

The palette features 15 shades ranging from shimmers to mattes helping you to go from a daytime to evening look very easy. I am always a fan of the warmer shades so I loved seeing a good mix of colours to play with. They are all highly pigmented and you seriously only need a little of this to go far. With the darker colours you do have to use a little bit and then build up otherwise it can be difficult to blend out seamlessly but I normally only use a tiny amount when it comes to darker shades anyway. 

There are several shades that work great as transition shades and then some which I love to use on the inner corners, mainly the shimmers as they help to brighten the eye and open it up a little more. The shimmers work great all round the lid I just find they work best on the inner corner of my eye as they tend to fade out once you blend them across the whole lid. 

For the mattes I love to use these as transition and crease colours. I have done a full lid with just the first matte shade and it does work well I just prefer to mix mattes and shimmers to really get an impact. I really like to use the darker/tan shade next to the gold shimmer as a crease colour. It reminds me of Saddle by MAC and work so well to darken the eye without looking muddy. This shade pairs well with the gold next to it as the two shades compliment each other well and are great colours to use as the Sun starts to shine a bit more for that golden look. 

Out of this palette there aren't many shades that I haven't used on a daily basis, I don't tend to venture with black eyeshadow much as I tend to use eyeliner which kind of does the job for me. But apart from that one shade I have done a lot of looks with the other shades. I find the shimmers in this to be a lot stiffer than the ones out of the Rose Golden Palette. I love that palette but there does tend to be a lot of fallout which doesn't occur with this palette so if you want to avoid that issue definitely go for this palette instead. 

The palette retails for £28.50 which for 15 highly pigmented shades that work for day and night isn''t really a bad deal. I use this palette on a daily basis and I normally get bored of palettes quickly and just move to the next one but I have really stuck to this one for about a month now. I love the blend of colours this palette offers and the amount of looks I can create from the shimmers is amazing. 

If you are after a good starting palette that offers a mix of shades and allows you to really try some different looks I highly recommend this. It works well and has helped me to create so many looks. 

Comment down below if you have tried this palette or any other recommendations you have for me down below. 

                       Until next time, Chloe!