Garnier Skin Active Natural Aloe Vera Toner-Review

This time year is normally quite stressful for me, I am surrounded with exams, work, and revision so days out and the warm weather aren't really something I'm getting a lot of right now. My stress levels are normally through the roof and majority of my routine starts to fade. My skin has taken a massive tole on my skin so I've really been looking for easy products to help combat any spots and make my skin look a little bit better. I'm currently trying out the Garnier Skin Active Naturals Aloe Vera Toner to help my skin so I thought I would share with you how I've been getting on.

Aloe Vera is normally great for problematic skin as it helps for a lot of acne scars and spots. It really calms my skin down and reduces some of the redness. My skin is famous for flaring up and going red whenever I'm stressed so I've been using this a lot to help calm it down.

As this is a toner it's great to use after cleansing or even as a cleanser if you use it correctly. I have been trying to switch in between using and not using a cleanser as my Garnier Micellar Gel cleanser works really way for clearing any dirt from my skin but it can be quite drying to use a foam based cleanser day after day. I normally use cotton pads to remove any dirt or makeup off using my cleanser as it works the best for getting into my skin.

I normally only use the toner at night but sometimes if my skin is feeling quite dirty or if I am taking it slow that day I will use it in the morning as well. I find that it works best at night as it removes everything from that day leaving you with nice clean skin for the morning.

You get 200ml which for a toner is more than enough, I only use a tiny amount of this on a cotton pad and that gets rid of everything so it's definitely a product you won't have to repurchase constantly. For me I have noticed that my skin has been a lot clearer since I started using this. I've had a few small spots appear but nothing compared to normal, and these spots haven't carried any redness with them which for me is a shock.

In terms of overall redness my face has really been in control this time, I haven't had any massive flare ups like I normally would and I really would put this down to the toner. Managing on a couple hours of sleep each night and wearing a face full of makeup all day and into the night really puts pressure on my skin but it seems to be coping well with this toner to help.

The toner retails for £3.49 but Boots do have offers on Garnier products a lot. This is part of the new Garnier range which is suited towards finding the skincare ingredients that are right for you. As I have normal to problematic skin I am best suited for Aloe Vera products. Some Boots stores still have the cards Garnier brought out alongside this new range that help you to pick out what skin type you have and the best skincare ingredients to help you.

I hope this review is helpful and if you have tried the new Garnier range let me know how you've been getting on with it down below!

                         Until next time, Chloe!