Go To Cafe's For That Boost Of Motivation- Manchester Northern Quarter

Manchester has always had a little special meaning to me, I remember saving up my pocket money for weeks and travelling into town so that I could look around all the shops and end up coming home with a little something. It's only in the past couple of years that I've really started to explore town more and I've slowly fallen in love with the Northern Quarter. I feel really relaxed and my standout not your so typical look and style feels at home there. From the great shops, bars, and cafes there really is something for everyone there. 

When it comes to writing blog posts I really take inspiration from the environment I'm in. I struggle to write a post in my room unless I'm tucked up in bed and I find writing in the same place for a long amount of time causes me to just lose my flow with writing. I decided to start going to more coffee shops and cafes to boost my creativity and motivation and honestly I've found the change so helpful. I thought I'd share with you my top places to go in the Northern Quarter of Manchester incase you need to boost your motivation or just want a nice coffee place to go to. Now for the record I can't actually drink coffee so majority of the places I have chosen really speak to me because they offer alternatives which aren't just the regular hot chocolate or bottle of coke.

First up and probably the best one in my opinion to get you motivated is Foundation Coffee House. Now I just recently started going here and honestly I'm hooked. It has a very minimalistic defined vibe to it that just makes me feel really relaxed and focus. The decor isn't too busy and they've really worked with the space well. I struggle sometimes to work in a packed environment as I like to have some of my own space. They do an excellent range of drinks and food and even alcohol if you just want to catch up with friends later in the evening. For pricing it's pretty fair and on par with most of the cafes in the Northern quarter. The staff are friendly and for me what stood out with that place is just how modern it is, it really gives off a productive vibe and I found that I came up with more blog ideas when I was there than with any other place on my list. 

Second on my list is Ezra and Gil's now this is for me was a really relaxed atmosphere. It's normally filled with people which gives off a good vibe for me. I found that this was more of a social place than working environment which doesn't really tend to bother me. They do amazing food and drink options and the pomegranate and orange iced tea is to die for. For me I liked this place because of the friendly vibe and I was a bit more relaxed and in a positive mood here. In terms of getting stuff done here I managed to do a fair bit. I think this place appeals to me more when I'm trying to be a bit more creative when it comes to my cover photos. I took a lot of inspiration from the decor and colours here. It's a really cute cafe and I love coming here with my friends because of how relaxed the atmopshere is. 

Now my next place is a real strange one for me. It's not one that many people have heard of but if somebody knows about it they're bound to be a fan. Based towards the outside of the Northern Quarter is Ziferblat. This upstairs based cafe is a modern twist on cafes. It centres itself around their different approach where rather than paying for what you eat you pay for how long you're there. The rate is 8p a minute which sounds like nothing if you have a tea bit of cake and a good talk or get some work done. The food and drinks is there to help yourself and for me I like the fact that I can please myself rather than having to try not to be as fussy as I can. The atmosphere in here is always great and the staff are always so friendly and up for a chat. I found that I got a lot of work done very quickly here, I think paying for how long you're here for really helped to get my mind focused and in work mode pretty easily. 

Last up but certainly not the least is Chapter One. This used to be my go to cafe for a quite a while and it still has a special place in my heart. What I love about this place is how open it is, they have used the space well and each part of it has a different kind of setting. For me I like to be comfy and have plenty of space so I can write and move and really just get involved and I feel like I can really focus here. They do some of the most amazing cakes and if I wasn't such a fussy eater I would have demolished there food menu. It has a nice atmosphere and there's so many books you can pick up and spend all day reading there. 

Ultimately when it comes down to a cafe I want to be able to feel comfortable and relaxed and mainly focused on what I'm doing. I struggle to spend my whole time in one spot so finding places where I can move about and switch off for a moment really helps to keep me motivated. I hope you've liked this different kind of post from me and comment down below if you'd like to see more stuff like this from me. 

                                 Until next time, Chloe!