Life Update: First Year Of University

It feels like forever since I sat down and did a life update, everything has all blurred into one big day that never seemed to stop. The weeks went by and each hour became more precious than the last. But now I can finally say that I have finished my first year of University. 

I've always been interested in education so University seemed like a straight forward thing for me to go into. I didn't fancy the idea of taking a break but looking back on it I would've loved to have a gap year out. But this past year has been amazing and I'm so glad I went. 

First year for me was all about experience, living with new people. Meeting completely new people and getting hands on with the course that I really wanted to do. Psychology has always been a passion of mine and I'm so happy I went through with it. Most people will tell you about their freshers experience and the stories from nights out which one day I'll probably share. But for me I noticed a lot of changes in myself. 

Manchester is a vibrant city filled with music, people, and fashion. I found my style changing so much this past year. I was trying new things and really going out of the box I'd kept myself in. My confidence has boosted leaps and bounds and I feel like I'm actually achieving something now. 

My tip for anyone thinking of going to University, it's to not live off the expectations people give you. Everyones experience is different and what each person wants from University differs so go in optimistic and expect your views to change. My career path and goals have completely changed which I never would've thought as I've had such a clear idea since starting college of what I wanted to do. 

Personally, I've always struggled to feel like I'm doing well. That want to always be excelling has been difficult and University has taught me that this may not happen every time but the world doesn't stop if I don't do that great all the time. 

My blog has also opened up so much more, I have become more active on social medias and finally launched my Instagram for my blog. I feel more comfortable talking to people about my blog and I don't feel the need to shy away from it anymore. 

As I start to think of placements and where I want my degree to take me I am nothing but proud of how I've done this year and I embrace the challenges that come with second year. For now I'm going to leave my life update here. I'm looking forward to the Summer and I will be sharing all my adventures and trips with you on the blog and all my social medias follow them here to come along on the journey! Twitter Instagram  Facebook Page 

                         Until next time, Chloe!