That Poppin' Glow From Colourpop

Couple weeks back I ordered some stuff from Colourpop. As it's mainly available online it can be quite expensive ordering often due to delivery and custom charges so I decided to order some stuff I knew I definitely would love using all the time. Out of this I now have 3 new highlighters I can't stop using.

Highlighters are something that I love trying out, I change my makeup a lot so I like to experiment with new products to create some different looks. I decided to go for some shades that were a little out of my everyday range and go with one staple shade. I picked up three of the Super Shock Cheek Highlighters in Stole the show,  Honeymoon, and Butterfly Beach.

These are a pressed highlighter formula which I've never used really before, it's not one that you can just swish a brush over which for me is something I'm new to. It took me a while to make sure I wasn't using too much so I tend to apply this using my finger onto my face focusing on the tops of my cheekbones and then blend it in using an angled contour brush as it helps to put the highlight into place.

In terms of wear this does pretty well, it doesn't budge or disappear throughout the day. If my skin is a little bit dry that day it does start to settle into my skin and starts to 'crack' on my skin. However, my skin has changed recently and I am testing out some new skincare products so it could be a mixture of things that's causing that.

The shades themselves are gorgeous my favourite has to be Honeymoon. Which is this beautiful iridescent blue highlight that I've been after for ages. I like to experiment with colours as you may have seen recently so this was a nice shade for me to try. It isn't super blinding but really with the shade I actually prefer that. Because it isn't a natural shade I do want it to somewhat blend in with my makeup and not look like someones has chucked blue glitter on me. It leaves such a nice glow to my face, surprisingly it goes quite well with the rest of my makeup. I try to not go too overboard so I just go for warm neutral colours.

Stole the show is that signature fail safe glow colour everyone needs in their makeup kit. I love using this as it's that pearl off white shade that hits the light so good. Out of the three I have used this the most as it's such a good staple day to day shade to use.

The last shade which is my least favourite is Butterfly beach. This is such a nice bronzed highlight which goes really well when my skin is a little bit tanned. When I don't have a tan it doesn't really suit my skin that great and kind of makes it look like I have a lot of redness so I tend to save this for when my skin is tanned.

These highlighters are $8 (£6.28) when I ordered I got free international shipping so I only had to pay custom charges so really the pricing wasn't too bad. There are drugstore alternatives available in the Uk such as the Makeup Revolution highlighters and the MUA highlighters. I really do love these highlighters and if you have any recommendations for me comment them down below.

Until next time, Chloe!


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences, I think I'll check the Butterfly beach tone. :)

    1. I really like it, goes really good with a tan

      Chloe MySecondAttempt