Dealing with Anxiety: Helping It Get Better

I've never got this personal before with my blog and I think it's time I finally talk about something that has affected me for a while. Since probably the age of 13 I have suffered with Anxiety. I first started to sense that I had anxiety when I was around 12/13 I had always been a quiet kid and I spent a lot of my time by myself. I would read endless amounts of books and submerge myself in everything on my own indoors. I didn’t really like being with a lot of people and I always struggled to stick with a group of people. When secondary school came around and I was met with even more people I had never seen before, I started to change a lot. I took more notice of my body and how I looked compared to the other girls, I was often bullied quite a lot for my weight and my personality. Weird became my first name at this point. Which overtime really took a toll on me, it was difficult to get up in the morning and talk myself into going to school because what I would be faced with was nothing but negativity. 

Around this point was when everything started to become uncontrollable, I was starting to get the feeling of pins and needles, a stabbing pain in my chest with my heart feeling like it was going at twice the speed it should. The feeling can’t be described that well other than a huge amount of pain that brings you to the point of feeling like this is the end. These episodes were becoming more frequent and were getting more difficult to hide. I would have to lock myself in the toilets for 10 minutes and pray a little that it would stop soon. 

At the time they were just episodes to me, there wasn’t any real websites or guides that explained what all of this was. In school they never went over any of this. More so how to stop yourself from getting pregnant than how to deal with anything else. I started to shut myself out, put on a brave face and try to act natural. I was too scared to ask anyone about all of it, whether it was natural, mainly whether I was normal. I started to have days where nothing but negative thoughts clouded my mind, simple ordinary tasks became more difficult for me to face. I started to hate doing the things I loved doing because that constant idea of fear and pressure never went away.

Over time I finally managed to get the doctors to listen. It took a lot of attempts and many visits before they finally realised what I was feeling wasn't just stress. There are so many posts that I have never uploaded because I was too scared of the reaction I would get. I never wanted any attention on my blog because I was too unsure of how it would come out. 

I was on medication and for a while that felt alright, I noticed that I started to feel numb and the affect was wearing off. I decided to try and go for a natural approach and I found little things that would help me feel a lot calmer. I became reliant on keyring and little things to help occupy and calm my mind whenever I felt really anxious. 

This has helped a lot and now 5 years later my anxiety is nowhere near as bad, it is much easier to manage and I am so thankful that I seemed help when I did. I have been looking for new methods and there is thankfully something new coming out. There was recently a study looking into Anxiety and the Uk finally has something to help calm down your anxiety without altering your mood. It's the Kalms Lavender One a Day Capsules. In the clinical trial they found symptoms in 70% of those taking the lavender oil capsules were rated as ‘much’ or ‘very much’ improved when reassessed by researchers at the end of treatment. They have been tried and tested by so many more people and they have really helped to calm them down. They are easily available in so many shops and for only £6.49 for 14 capsules I honestly would be happy enough to buy these as they help calm my anxiety down so much. 

This post has been in a collaboration with Spink Health. I reached out to them and asked if I could have some more information to air about anxiety. As I have been wanting to share my story with anxiety for a while. It is such a common thing many people around the Uk have and it's about time we talk about Mental health. They have also gave me a link for a video which puts the symptoms into context. 

I hope this post has been helpful for someone out there struggling or knows someone who is struggling with anxiety. I hope anyone who needs to speak out about it finds the courage or at least tries to talk about their anxiety. 

Until next time, Chloe!