Get On Board With This Drugstore Foundation

Sometimes we just need a change of routine, I had been using the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation none stop and I finally decided to get on with something different. I had heard so many things about the Nip and Fab Foundation in the shade 10. The range has 10 shades altogether I do notice a few pink shades within the mix so I would make sure that you really check out the testers before you buy them as for me personally pink tones do not work with my skin tone.

For record my skin is combination, mainly oily but there are days when my skin has not even the tiniest amount of oil so it comes and goes really. I suffer from a lot of acne so I am always cautious when trying base products incase they make my acne flare up. I thought I would give you my thoughts after trying this for a week now.

Off the bat the shade is a spot on match with the bit of fake tan I have on. I've been applying this using a buffing brush as I found that my beauty blender didn't do this justice. It collected the product up and didn't distribute it out fairly. The foundation has a medium coverage but is buildable to a full coverage. I did do each part of my face at a time rather than dotting it all over my face as I find this does dry pretty quickly so make sure you've blended it in first before moving onto concealer.

I've been setting this and the rest of my base with some yellow powder and then translucent powder later on throughout the day to warm up my face and hide any oil. I have very noticeable smile lines but this holds up pretty well against that. I didn't find myself having to check my makeup often infact I received a lot of compliments off people for it. It did smooth out on my skin and really helped to cover up my skin and acne scaring.

In terms of that acne I was talking about earlier this hasn't reacted badly with my skin. I have noticed one or two come up but that could easily be due to stress and hormones rather than the foundation. It hasn't been itchy on my skin and the rest of my makeup has performed fine with this as my base. There isn't a fragrance to this which I like as it sometimes foundations can be overpowering with the scent but this doesn't face that problem.

The foundation retails for £12.95 for 30ml which is pretty good value for money and it comes in this handy travel packagining similar to MAC Face and Body foundation and the Ordinary foundations. I find that this is just easy to throw in my makeup bag and I'm ready to head out. There's no fancy gimmicks about this it does what it says and performs beautifully all day.

I'm really impressed by this,  it works great for my skin and I can see this being a staple product in my makeup bag. My one little critique would be the shade range. For me it didn't take me too long to get the right shade but for a lot of other people especially darker skin tones you are going to struggle. As a lot of the paler shades are pink toned you're gonna be best getting some white foundation or dark foundation drops to really get the shade to match your skin best. Once that is figured out you'll be in love with this foundation.

Let me know down below if you've checked this foundation out and any recommendations you have for me to try. I have a new Bloglovin post up every Friday and a new blog post every Wednesday and Sunday.

                            Until next time, Chloe!


  1. This foundation looks so natural and amazing on you! Might have to give it a try ;)
    Lon x

    1. It's so good I've fallen in love with it

      Chloe MySecondAttempt