Let's Do No Denim

I never thought I would be seeing the day where I don't wear denim for one whole week. It's weird that almost everyday I wear denim whether it be jeans or a jacket it's almost always there. I thought that I would start to challenge myself with my outfits and get more outside the box. The one rule I set myself is that I can incorporate any denim  in my outfits. It's time to hang up the trusty jeans and jacket and go for something a bit different.

For the first day I thought to go with a bit of a tame outfit. I went for my gingham skirt with a teal turtleneck. This is such a fail safe outfit but it's still on trend and can be dressed up with some accessories. I paired it with some tights and a good pair of earrings and this pendant choker from New Look then the outfit was done. This could be worn with boots but I teamed it with some desert boots and it worked pretty well. I'm happy with this being my first outfit for the week as I didn't really struggle to pick anything out.

Second day was a dress day, I wore my new Missguided 70's flared floral shift dress that I mentioned on my Bloglovin the other day. It's such a nice flowy dress paired with some tights and a pair of cute boots it was great as the weather wasn't looking too good. I went for the whole 70's vibe with the hoop earrings and I wore this pendant choker from new look to get that bit of simplicity going on. I threw on this gold statement ring with a bit of holographic detailing in the mix to really get the outfit going. The dress is so pretty and the flared thing is a sticking trend at the moment.

Now for the third day I wanted to ban the tights. I felt like they were getting too comfy for my liking and wanted to step out of the box a bit more. I decided to try and show off this pair of statement trousers I bought from Primark a couple of months ago. They have a nice almost aztec print to them and with the a line design they really fit to the figure. They don't clinch in at the waist which I think for this design is better suited as otherwise they would look a bit baggy and not really that straight a line style. Pairing these with my trusty t-bar shoes and my teal short sleeved turtleneck this became a dress casual look. I wanted to really add a bit more colour as well alongside the no denim rule so this outfit really captures that.

Day four and onwards were starting to get tricky. I didn't want to rely on certain items I went for some flare action. I have two pairs of flares but I went for these from Topshop they are a high waisted style that droop a little towards the bottom. I paired these with my gold heeled boots. The droop really brought the attention down to my shoes like the gold plate didn't do that enough! I put this with my Blossoms tshirt and the fourth outfit was a success.

The fifth day was more of a chill day for me. I wasn't out much so I mainly spent my time sat down getting some work done. I didn't want to just put some comfy clothes on so I decided to get a bit dressy for just sitting at a table working. I went for my navy striped long sleeve top and my burgundy overalls from Primark. These work great as a pair as they are perfect for Autumn and the sleeves can be rolled up if it's getting a bit hot. I did pair these with tights and my Old skool Peanuts X Vans for that added touch. This is probably one of my safer outfits as this is something I often wear anyway.

The sixth day is where it really hit me that I had been able to wear no denim for this many days. I wasn't struggling as much as I had finally put to use some of the pieces I had bought over the past couple of months. I think you until you have to use something you don't really see the potential. I wanted my last two days to be the strongest outfits to sign off the week. I went for this Missguided Graphic Print Tshirt Dress combo with this rust coloured skirt from Asos. I picked the skirt up a while ago but it's such a nice item to have handy to bring an outfit together. The weather wasn't great so I put on some tights and my Vans style to make the outfit go together. I really love this graphic top and it puts a more casual twist on the whole thing.

And finally, day seven. The day where the denim ban stops. I thought long and hard about this one and really there wasn't a lot that I hadn't already considered. Seeing as pants hadn't been a main feature here I thought the last day had to show them off a bit. Seeing as I'm really liking flares at the moment I thought I would go a bit more out there for the final day. I wore these mermaid style flares from Pretty Little Thing. These draw in on the waist and fan out towards the sides. I wanted to pair these with this Flamingo shirt I managed to get from the mens department in Primark. This is a really 70's/80's look and with a pair of boots or these embroidered heels I paired them with it makes the outfit great if you're off for a few drinks or a good meal.

There we have it. The seven days weren't easy and it definitely took a fair bit of planning. But it's allowed me to see what clothes I have already and the pieces I am clearly not making enough use out of. Let me know below how you would be with this challenge. I post every Friday on my Bloglovin page and every Wednesday and Sunday on here.

                     Until next time, Chloe!


  1. I love your day 7 outfit! Those flares are gorgeous, I want some so bad! I don't know how I would manage a whole week without denim, but you've made me think maybe I need to get a little more creative with my wardrobe!

    Lon x


    1. I didn't think I'd be able to do it! I was so nervous that I would fail halfway through

      Chloe MySecondAttempt x