Travel Essentials: Clothes

This holiday couldn't have come quick enough. I can't wait to finally hit that sun and get to explore somewhere new. I am off to Paris and Milan for 8 days so I really wanted to get my outfits sorted for those hot sunny days. I've got a mix of bits to wear and I can't wait to get out there and get some good shots.

First up are some good old flares, I picked up this navy and brown pair of flares from Pretty Little Thing £15. They are such a comfy pair of flares and they would be great to travel in. Because they are a thin material it's gonna make sure that I stay cool during the day rather than melting all the time. I'm also taking my trusty black pair as well because I couldn't forget those.

Now I'm also taking a playsuit with me, I don't often wear playsuits but I have fallen in love with this one from Boohoo £10.50. It's this cute red floral long sleeve playsuit with lace fastenings on the side. I'm going to be teaming this probably with a denim skirt over the shorts but depending on how I'm feeling I'll probably wear this on its own. It's such an easy piece to put on and can be great for day or night.

Next up is a simple strappy top. I have so many of these but they really are an essential that are a staple for my suitcase. You can pair them with some cute flares or a fancy skirt. They're a really good top to have when you don't want to wear a lot. When it gets like that sticky weird unbearable heat these are a good thing to have. You can get these anywhere all year round they're so handy to have.

For shoes I'm only taking two pairs. Shock I know, the first pair are my classic Old Skool Vans. I've had these for months now and they are such a comfy pair to just throw on with anything. I'm also taking my silver moccasins from Clarks. I'm taking these because they really make any outfit pop. They're comfy to wear and are a great thing to wear for the night. I couldn't go on holiday without these.

In terms of accessories i'm taking my staple hoops with me and my cherry earrings. I couldn't not go without these. They are comfy all day and tie in with everything that I'm going to be wearing. I hope you have found this helpful and let me know if you've got any holidays planned for later this year. I will be sharing what I'm wearing throughout and after the holiday so check out for that.

Until next time, Chloe!