Cafe Crawl With Potential 019

Couple months back I showed you some of my best cafes to work in. That professional and relaxed atmosphere is what I need when I have work to do or some posts to sort out. But sometimes you just need a place to chat to someone with. I met up with Potential 019 and we are here to talk you through our four favourite places to go to for a good catch up. I'm sharing with you two of the four and the other two will be up on their blog here

First up we're talking one of the best places for a good chilled breakfast Koffee Pot. This is one of my go to places when I'm in need of a greasy breakfast especially if it's after a night out. They do a selection of stuff whether it's for breakfast or at night and they have a lot of Vegan options as well. They also do Vimto slushes. Now let's talk for a minute that makes a place good straight away. It has a really relaxed vibe to it and is the kind of place you could spend hours in catching up with someone. 

The second place I recommend is Chapter One Books. I've mentioned this place before but it works great for catching up with someone or if you want to work as well. They recently updated it and added more sofas making it a great place to get comfy and get talking. They have a selection of food and drinks and their jaffa cake is to die for. I spend so much time in their whether it's by myself or not and I always have a good time there. 

After going to both of these cafes we did a bit of shopping as well. Meaning that my boots craze is back and very well in session. I managed to get two pairs today and I could have easily picked up so many more pairs. You'll definitely be seeing them up on Instagram soon so stay tuned. 

Let me know down below if you have any recommendations for cafes within Manchester that are great for a good catch up. Also make sure that you check out Potential 019's blog. They post stationary hauls, food posts and a bit of everything so definitely check them out. They also have an Instagram and Twitter so get following them!

I have a new blogpost up every Wednesday and Sunday and a new Bloglovin post every Friday as well as daily Instagram posts and a tweet or too sometimes to check it all out. 

                                   Until next time, Chloe!