How To Get That Glow In Autumn

So Summer is almost going. I'm normally the first person to welcome Autumn but I am a little sad to see the Summer go. I've already got my coats and scarfs at the ready but I still want to have a bit of a Summer glow so I've been using the St Moriz Fast Tanning Mousse for the past couple of months to help top up that glow. 

I'm not the one who loves being really orange and bronzy I just like a bit of glow to my skin and this has been a saviour for me. It's probably one of the easiest fake tan to apply. Just blend it into the body and leave it for 1-3 hours depend on how dark you want it to go. I normally keep mine on for around 3 hours depending on when I last applied it. 

It doesn't leave that sticky feel to the skin so you're all good to go about your day. I recommend fake tanning at night as it well develop smoother when you sleep rather than during the day when you're here there and everywhere. 

The smell is also amazing, it doesn't have that weird scent to it there is a slight hint of biscuits but not too strong that you smell like a biscuit tin. It normally lasts on the skin for around 7 days before it starts to fade and separate. I recommend exfoliating before you fake tan to remove any dead skin so that the fake tan doesn't go patchy and then you're good to go. What's probably the best thing about this is that's it less than £6 which for me is a blessing as I was spending £31 for my St Tropez one when I really could be getting better value for less. 

I'm so glad that I jumped on board this hype and it's a staple product that's gonna stay in my kit for a good while. Let me know if you have ever tried this or if you have any other tanning recommendations for me. I have a new Bloglovin post up every Friday and a new blog post here every Wednesday and Sunday. I post mini reviews and outfit posts on my Twitter and Instagram so check them out. 

                      Until next time, Chloe!