The Perks Of Duty Free And Sephora

So it happened, yep. I went round duty free and surprisingly only wanted to buy one thing. Normally that never happens but I left with one thing and I'm beyond proud of myself for that. Then we took a glance at Sephora and before I knew it I had a basket in my hand and I was running all over the place. I didn't actually go too crazy so I thought I'd show you what I got. 

First up let's start with the Duty Free goodie. For the past year or so GlamGlow have been all over the beauty world. I see it posted everywhere but I've always begrudged buying from them as their products are expensive especially if it's not really your cup of tea. Luckily they do travel size pots for £11.65 so I thought I would pick up the Firming one to try. Now beware this isn't the subtle of masks, if Tin Man from Wizard of Oz is your thing then run out and get this straight away. I'm doing a full review of this soon on the blog but for now I'm impressed. 

Now it's time for Sephora. Drum roll please. I made a couple of trips there but surprisingly didn't walk out with the whole store. There wasn't a lot that really caught my eye so I thought that I'd check out some of Sephora's own products. I picked up two of their cream lip stains. I've worn them both several times and I'm beyond impressed. They go on easily, dry quickly and they have a great matte finish without being too drying. They remind me a lot like the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks which if you've checked out my blog before you'll know that I am a hardcore fan of that line. They are however quite small but for less than €11 for the quality I'm not going to complain. Even better Chai Latte is almost a dupe for my beloved Posh Spice from Jeffree Star so I'm clinging onto these for a long time. 

I wanted to get one more makeup bit so I picked up the Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray. This is a perfect spray to prime the face and keep my makeup looking good all day and night long. I thought that I would try one more thing from the brand and i'm always up for something that's going to keep my makeup looking good. 

I also checked out the skincare section as well. And of course I picked up some face masks. I picked up two of their sheet masks for all round the face. The first one is a brightening Avocado mask and the other is a pomegranate one. I'm a sucker for masks and seeing as these were €3.95 and well loved by a lot of people I thought I'd see what the hype is about. I'm going to do an update post about these so check out for that as well. 

You wouldn't probably believe but that's all I bought Makeup and Skincare wise whilst in Paris and Milan. I'm going to be doing posts on my recommendations for Paris and Milan soon so wait for those and I have my new Bloglovin Post every Friday. Pop back here every Wednesday and Sunday to see a new post. 

Until next time, Chloe!