The Stationery Essentials You Need To Pack For University

This past week I have shared with you my best tips for University. I've talked about things to bring and now we're talking stationery. I didn't really follow any guides on this in first year but oh boy do I wish I had. I found myself buying a lot of stuff within the first couple of weeks and everything was so expensive it was mad. To stop you from making that mistake I thought I would give you a bit of a rundown on the things you'll need and what I'm taking into Second Year.

First up is pens and sharpies. Self explanatory but you're gonna need at least one pen. That's a given but I actually liked to use sharpies as well. When I was making up my notes I used sharpies to create headings and to underline things. Making my notes stand out as well as helping to break down the content. I used to type up the notes during the lectures and then put the notes onto paper but this time round I'm just going straight in on the paper and notes with my sharpies. You can find so many packs of sharpies but Ryman actually have this amazing 21 piece set for just £7.99 meaning you will have all the sharpies you need for a long time.

Next up is your notepads. Now you can buy any kind I found that the divider notepads weren't that great for me as I prefer to keep my notes with my lecture slides inside a ring binder. You can of course do your notes however you like but I found this way best as it meant that I didn't have to go through pieces of scrap paper to get everything organised. For notepads I just went with a simple one that you can pretty much get from any supermarket or leading stationery shop. But if i'm using my ring binder i find that refill pads actually work best as they already have the holes for you to put it straight into the ring binder.

Revision cards are going to be a little gem for University. In my first year I had a lot of online quizzes and my actual exams during the seasons so revision cards became my best friend. You can get a pack of 100 for just £.25 1 at Wilkinsons and they do multicoloured ones or just plain white ones. I found the multicoloured ones to be helpful to break down the subjects as I did 4 units each term meaning that I didn't misplace or mix up any of my revision cards. These are so easy to make notes on and became my saving grace when preparing for the exams.

Now this isn't something everyone will want but I found that taking my laptop helped out a lot in first year. I was lucky enough to get a MacBook Air for my birthday as a gift for University and it's become one of my staple items that got me through the year. You can download so many programs onto it and with it being so lightweight it wasn't difficult to take it round with me. I found a laptop helpful because 1. the library computers were always being used and 2. it allowed me onto the university page and my courses within seconds wherever I was.

My last bit of stationery that I recommend you get is some form of organiser. I found that using an organiser like this one from Paperchase is amazing to get stuff in order. Whether it's deadlines, payments, or just other things to remember it's a really handy thing to get. Or you can use your phone as well to organise stuff. I personally prefer using a physical organiser as it's so much easier to just tick stuff off the list when you've got a lot of stuff going on.

That's all my stationery essentials I hope you have found this useful if you are off to University soon. I post every Wednesday and Sunday and every Friday on my Bloglovin page. 

                       Until next time, Chloe!