Get That Firm Skin With A Bit Of Help From GlamGlow

Couple years back GlamGlow was all the rave. People were obsessed and needed their face masks instantly. I didn't really get on board with the hype for a while as I didn't really get it. Nor did I even have the money to buy any of it. They've finally started doing smaller sizes of their masks now which are a lifesaver. Even though I love a good face mask I couldn't see myself spending that much on something I might not even like.

There's a fairly big range now with the masks than what their used to be. I decided to try out the firming one as this seemed to have the biggest consistent hype out of them all. Plus in my collection everything is either hydrating or detoxing so it's about time we mixed things up a bit. This is an easy peel off mask so application was a dream. Just be careful that it doesn't go anywhere.

After making you look like the tin man for 15-20 minutes the mask is ready to come off and already I saw results. I didn't expect this to go so deep into my skin but it had even taken off some of the makeup I thought I had already got rid of beforehand. I suffer from lines on my forehead and around my mouth and they seem to be a lot smoother since using this mask.

My foundation normally settles into the fine lines but so far it's been holding up pretty well I have to say. I wasn't convinced this was gonna do anything but it's working a treat so far. The travel size has been lasting me pretty well I have used it around 3 or 4 times and I'm maybe about halfway there so it's doing me well so far. I normally use this mask once a week just to help my skin to be in tip top shape.

Now the price, for the travel size it was £11.65 at Duty Free but £16 everywhere else. Which I'm divided on. On one hand I think that's a good deal because it has helped my skin a lot quicker than other firming masks I have tried similar to this. I always like to stick to drugstore kind of price points but I'd say this one really is worth the splurge. I didn't think I would like it this much but the results are there and I'm gonna be sticking with this mask.

Let me know down below if you have tried this mask and what your thoughts are on it. I have a few more masks to try soon that you'll be seeing up on the blog so wait to see those soon. I have a new Bloglovin post up every Friday and a new blog post up every Wednesday and Sunday. You can also check out my Twitter and Instagram for sneak peaks and mini reviews.

Until next time, Chloe!