Goals For Second Year Of University

Tomorrow I start my second year of University. There's a part of me that is excited and nervous but I've decided to change my game plan around a bit. I want to be more organised and focused this year throughout. I found myself hitting a point after Christmas where I really lost my motivation but this time round it's gonna change.

So let's kick off with the first goal, I want to actually write down notes this time. I spent first year typing up word for word the lecturer said. But honestly this just didn't work for me, I am a sucker for writing down little notes rather than typing them up so it's time to get back to pen and paper. It's a lot easier to summarise when writing down rather than when your typing, you fall into this mindset of needing to save every single word they say.

I am going to cook food from scratch at least 4 nights a week. Now this sounds dumb but I really just don't cook a lot of meals from scratch. I find myself getting tired and worn out so I resort to the simple and easy ready meal. Which in turn makes me feel lousy anyway so what's the point. I've set out a meal plan for a week in the hopes that I can keep it up all throughout second year. I'm not going too strict on myself because come on that would last a week at best.

I want to get as much exam practice as possible. I dread doing mcq exams and I think this fear got the better of me. I didn't want to do the exams because I knew I would get caught out which isn't the best mindset to go into. I've decided to get more information on the exams and practice practice practice until I feel confident to sit the exam.

Being more sociable, in first year I didn't really branch out too much. I've made a great group of friends but I didn't really feel like I'd got far in terms of getting to grips with social life at University. I'm taking part in more activities closer to my course and I really couldn't be more excited.

I want to go into second year optimistic, I plan to do my best and take on board any opportunities that come my way. Let me know below if you are starting University and what your goals are for the year.    I have a new Blog post up every Wednesday and Sunday and a new Bloglovin post every Friday. If you want to see any sneak peeks or mini reviews check out my Instagram and Twitter. 

                               Until next time, Chloe!