How Instagram Is Changing The Game

The magical world of Instagram has taken the social media place by storm. Everyone's on it in one way or another. It's becoming essential as a blogger to have an Instagram and I never realised this until now. My instagram has been live since March and have posted daily with outfit posts, flatlays, and the occasional bit of food. Since creating it my blog has taken off and I have more of a following than ever before. 

There's almost a goal to Instagram, what you need to do to get towards the top. Everything has to be perfect and you can't have a bad post because the whole theme just goes. What isn't so magical is the Instagram Algorithm which you've probably heard nothing but bad about. 

The minute Instagram changed the viewing order to random photos rather than chronological order ruined every chance to get your post featured. I would be liking pictures from what seemed like today but they would be from 3 days ago and I'd feel bad for missing people's posts. I noticed that the activity on my account dropped massively. I was struggling to get the activity I used to get and my follow count is starting to go up and down more than a yo yo. 

It's difficult to predict what will do on my Instagram now and to tell the truth I'm in a bit of a rut. I want my Instagram to be as real as possible. I don't want to seem like that picture perfect person because nobody in this world is. I don't mind the fact that I frantically rush to make an Instagram post before 9am to make sure that it goes out to a good audience. I'm not the only one doing this and I'm not ashamed to be either. 

We need to step back from the Instagram perfection deal and get back to reality a bit. I wish I could be someone who gets perfect outfit shots and every flatlay is perfectly aligned and lit. Maybe one day that will be me but for now I'm staying as I am and I'm happy living like this. Let me know down below how you feel about the whole Instagram situation and any feedback you have for me. I do want to get back into the swing of things with outfit posts but I need to get that confidence up a bit. 

I'll be back with a new post on Wednesday and I have a new bloglovin post up every Friday so head on over to there to see what I love every week. It features outfits, bit of music, and even the odd bit of food depending on how the weeks been. You can also check out my Twitter as well and head on over to my Instagram to see the not so perfect flatlays and the odd outfit posts. 

                                  Until next time, Chloe!