Lingerie let's talk about it

Lingerie has always been such a taboo topic. I remember posting a photo of a bralette I bought onto Instagram and it got so much attention just because it was lingerie. You'd think in 2017 we would be passed it but it's about time we stop being ashamed of it all. We should be comfortable and confident in lingerie, we can show it off if we want to. Hide it if we want to but we shouldn't have to be embraced or ashamed because we want to wear something for ourselves.

Lingerie has always been around and it's taken a while before we really became proud of owning it. Retailers used to shy away from promoting lingerie, and now it's the main focus of many stores. Places like Topshop and Primark have really branched out in this section. Giving us all a new lease of confidence. Shops like Boux Avenue and Ann Summers have always been around helping us out but it's about time other brands got involved.

It's funny speaking to people about this topic, most people shy away as if it's something we shouldn't speak about. Lingerie exists we all know we're wearing it why do we have to hide something that everyone knows is there. We shouldn't have to hide what is underneath.

There is a new found confidence in lingerie, it allows you to embrace your beauty and feel confident. It's almost like a second skin and you can feel amazing whether it's for yourself or for someone else you should just have some confidence.

It's about time we start feeling good and not being ashamed. I'm not saying that we should all be getting our bras out for everyone but don't feel embarrassed to be confident and share your love for lingerie. I have never been shy about this and it''s about time we should stop feeling uncomfortable.

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Until next time, Chloe!