That L'Oreal Collaboration You Need Now

Over on my Bloglovin I featured the new L'Oreal X Balmain collaboration and my lord are they cute.  I definitely didn't need any more lipsticks but of course I had to check out this new collaboration and see what it is all about. They released 12 shades and I picked up 3 shades to give them a test priced at £12.99. I picked these up from Harvey Nichols I picked up Legend, Fever, and Power.

First off the packaging, they have seriously done well with these packaging. It really ties the two brands together and makes the lipsticks feel high end. They are the kind of lipsticks that you just want to display on your dressing table forever. They still stick with the signature L'Oreal packaging so you really get the best of both worlds here.

I haven't used an actual lipstick in such a long time as I fell into the liquid lipstick wormhole and haven't been out of it until these came out. They have a semi matte finish to them so that they don't dry your lips down. Compared to other L'Oreal lipsticks these do have a stronger matte finish so props to them for getting it right. I personally don't like glossy or wet looking lipsticks on me so this being a matte formula is a dream.

They are easy to apply and go on the lips like a dream. I do notice with the two grey shades that you have to go over them a little more to make sure you really get that colour intensity but all round they do a pretty good job. I normally blot a tissue over my lips to make sure it stays down and then I'm off with my day.

I really do have to applaud L'Oreal for the staying power of these. I can eat, drink, and do whatever else in my day and these take an awful lot to budge. I thought that I would have to be constantly reapplying which is something I hate doing because it starts to build up but these just don't want to seem to come off. I'm surprised at how well these have held up throughout the day as I haven't had lipsticks this good in a while.

In terms of the shade range L'Oreal went quite out there with this one. When I heard about the collaboration I was expecting a load of nude shades and they really came through with a variety. Yes there are the fail safe nudes and that red lip but they also feature some grey shades and even this amazing almost lime green metallic that would be great for a halloween look. My favourite shade out of them all is probably Fever. It's this Pumpkin Orange that doesn't oxidise or change colour when you put it on. I've wanted a pure but not bright orange shade for a while and this one does the trick. perfectly.

If you couldn't tell I'm a big fan of these. I love the pigmentation, the wear time, and I think this collaboration is spot on and just what the beauty world needs. You can get the lipsticks from Harvey Nichols, Feel Unique and Superdrug so go check them out.

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                             Until next time, Chloe!