The Best Places To Get Your Jeans From

Jeans are that one thing we love and hate. We dread trying them on and wearing them but oh boy do they make an outfit look good. They're an easy piece to style and they work with pretty much everything. But are we always getting the best value for money. I thought I would share with you some of the denim gems I've found on the high street.

To get it out of the way Topshop really do boss the denim scene. From the Joni to the Jamie they really go there with their styles, colours, and fits. They're a little bit above the other high street brands but with the perks of student discount it makes them a little more affordable. Some of my most worn jeans are from there and I don't regret any of them. They jump on the trends all the time so you're bound to get what you want for a decent price. Quality wise they do pretty good, I get through about 4 months of wear with my jeans before they need to be replaced with some tlc. And I finally have the good news to bear that they are making the Joni jeans with belt loops so praise the Topshop gods for this.

Asos are another good one, I have got so many good pairs of jeans from them. With different brands and styles there's more than enough to choose from. The only downside to Asos is that you have to order it all and then try it when it arrives. You have to run that risk of ordering something and then seeing it be absolutely different once it gets to you. But they have introduced sizing recommendation where you put in your height and weight and what size you take in other brands and it tries to estimate what size you would need to get. It's a great way to try and beat that issue of ordering the wrong size and having to wait for the right size to turn up.

Missguided are actually another one that are killing the denim game at the moment. Again you have to order online and get different sizes to make sure they're right. But with constant discounts and next day Unicorn delivery. They've got a range of different styles and quality wise they do pretty good. I've got three pairs of denim from them and not one of them have been bad quality.

I want to here where you've managed to get some good denim from. I'm after a pair of statement jeans from a new place so let me know where you've been loving recently. If you have any recommendations comment down below.

Until next time, Chloe!