What I've Learned From The Growing Up Guide

Over the past couple of months, I've been working and creating blog posts for the Growing Up Guide. An online magazine targeted to help you in life.  Featuring lifestyle, career, appearance, university and even those pesky money troubles. There's a focus on controversial topics such as free periods, period sex, and the topic of children.

It's been such an exciting couple of months and I am excited to carry on working with the magazine. With university and work getting into the mix it's taken a bit of time to get organised. Life is a little hectic but i've managed to find the mix and get going.

I've focused on university, lifestyle, careers and even talked about periods. It's time we got more confident and shared the need to finally start talking about periods. Why should we be embarrassed or ashamed about something that is natural. The media shouldn't make this some unnatural thing and it's time we got on the issue.

I've also expressed the need to be confident in lingerie, we shouldn't feel like it's something we should have to shy away from. It doesn't have to be anything scandalous or bold but we have the right to feel confident and happy in our body. Whether it's treating yourself to a new bra or just feeling confident in what you're wearing underneath. It's about time we start sharing that confidence boost. 

University has been another topic of mine, since doing first year I have picked up so many tips on getting the most out of your lectures. Reaching your potential and making the notes that will help to those ever so important exams. Check it out and have a look at my top tips. 

I've had a few fashions posts along the way. From the handbags you need for the office from what to wear for that all important interview. I've really been getting into it with the appearance posts. I have a few coming up for Christmas so give them a read soon. 

It's been such an exciting project and i'm excited to carry on through to the new year. It's been a little busy here there and everywhere with running everything but I'm so excited for the future content to come out. Give it all a read here and check out what's soon to come. 

                  Until next time, Chloe!