Where You Need To Check Out In The Manchester Christmas Markets

It's not really Christmas time until the Christmas markets come out. The stalls, food, music, and the light switch on really help make Christmas in Manchester. Every year I go and fall more and more in love with the Christmas markets. They're dotted around the centre so you're bound to get in that Christmas spirit at any point. 

If you're after some good food I highly recommend the markets at the centre. Situated at the town hall there's plenty of food stalls. From prosecco and pizza to paella there's plenty of places to grab something to eat. There's also a few bars situated here where you can grab a drink and pop upstairs to see the amazing view. If you pay £2.50 you get to keep one of their cute mugs. I'm making it my mission to start collecting these are they are the cutest little mugs to have over Christmas. At the town hall there's so many stalls from gifts to decorations there's plenty of places to grab some Christmas gifts from. 

If you're in the mood for something sweet and sentimental the stalls situated by the Arndale have a huge selection. From pancakes to collectables there's plenty of stalls offering great presents. There's nothing better than walking through the markets and heading into Printworks right by to grab something to eat. In St Ann's square you've got some amazing stalls. Still sticking close to the shops there's chocolate stalls, soap, candles the lot. It's hard to go past without taking a look and buying everything. 

There's so many stalls featuring so many great present ideas. Throughout the month there's gonna be so many Christmas events. From ice skating to Christmas film screenings I can't wait to for the festive celebrations to begin. Comment down below what's happening in your town for Christmas i'd love to know how everyone is celebrating. 

Until next time, Chloe! 


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