Boxing Day Bargains

It's a couple days before Boxing day and oh my am I ready for it now. I have so many things I want to get in the sales so finding out where to go is essential. As I am sadly working all day on Boxing day I am relying on online shopping to get me through. I really want to get some clothes in the boxing day sales. So let's go through the places you need to check out for the boxing day deals. 

If it's clothes your after I can already bet Asos are gonna be doing it good. Last year they had a lot of stuff on sale but I bet they will do a discount this year on a lot of stuff. I'm dying for some new trainers and tops and I've found my dream pieces I need. 

First off how cute are these light pink and navy Adidas Hamburg Trainers £80. They aren't something I normally go for but I love the clash in colours. That light pink against the pop of blue makes them such an interesting piece to wear. I've never owned a pair of Adidas trainers so this would definitely be the first for me. These are £80 which to me is way over how much I would be willing to pay but if I can get a cheeky bit of discount on them they could become mine. 

I am a vans gal through and through. I have way too many pairs of them but I can't get enough. I have managed to catch my eye on these bad boys again. I mentioned these in a Bloglovin post months ago. But they are Emerald Green Old Skool Vans £57 they are lock on stock with these so I am praying that they get more stock of them in time for Boxing day. But I love how dark they are because they can still work with anything without being a pair of shoes I can only wear with certain outfits. 

For jeans I've fallen in love with this light blue denim pair with a velvet contrast from Stradivarius £32.99. I've been a big fan of their jeans from day one and size wise they do pretty well. I have a gingham pair of their leggings and they are the comfiest thing in the world to have on. When I saw these I knew I needed them. I struggle to really find my love for light denim jeans but I fell in love with these straight off. I am praying and hoping they last until Boxing day as I need these in my life. 

I've also been checking out And Other Stories at the moment they have so many new things that I need in my life. They are unlikely to do some deals but I really hope they do something. The one thing that needs to be on my list is this Star Charm Ring £10 . I am after some new statement rings and this needs to be in my life. I have been following this for weeks and I need to get my hands on it. I love the minimal detail to this, it's dainty but still makes a statement. 

There's also been a top I've been crushing on. I love a good statement tee £23 and this one screams to me. The electric red font is an easy way to make a statement. I remember seeing one similar in Mango a couple months back and I was so sad I never picked it up. If this doesn't go in any offer I need to run in and grab this as soon as possible. 

The last place I want to check religiously is BeautyBay. I need so much off their I hope they do another offer like Black Friday. They did 30% off and honestly I am so gutted I never took a look at it. I have found a few maybe a lot of pieces I need to get. 

First up is some new Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks £16 I want to get another Posh Spice and there's a few more I want to grab. I am really thinking about getting the dark brown shade as these stay on my lips all day without any problems so I definitely need to pick some up. 

For skincare I want to finally try the Mario Badescu Skin Renewal Complex £23.50. I need to try this and see if it brightens my skin up. Since quitting the foundation game I've been looking at my skincare a lot more and I want to give some new products a try and this seems like the next best thing I need to try. 

Let me know what you pick up in the boxing day sales. Knowing me I'll come out with a lot more than I aimed for. There's so many things I want to get and of course impulse buying will happen. As long as I get the main bits I want I can't go wrong with these boxing day sales. 

Let's see what the boxing day sales are bringing to us this year

Until next time, Chloe!