Goals for Next Year

It's about to hit 2018 and we need to get the ball rolling. I've talked about staying motivated for the year on the Growing Up Guide but I want to talk about my goals for this blog. 2017 was a big year for me, I launched my Instagram and Pinterest and really got in with the blogging stuff. I made a big decision to take the blogging world by storm and really go in on it. I found my place in the blogging world and I was ready to get going.

After looking at all your lovely comments and responses I decided that I wanted to get my face out here a bit more. I had spent years hiding and letting my blog talk for itself without really interacting with you all. I found that I lost my connection on here and I wanted to get back into it. For this new year I want to be connecting with you all more, my social media is gonna be flowing with conversation as I felt I've been a little shy this year.

Flatlay wise I wanna up my game, it comes down to planning and thinking where I want my content to go. The amount of days where I wake up and randomly do a flatlay to get it up on time it becomes difficult to keep a theme going. I'm taking the time in my week to plan my posts and sort out what I want to happen for the week.

Content wise I hit a brick wall halfway through the year. I struggled to come up with ideas that meant something to me. I didn't want to be generic and that's becoming an issue with blogging. It's very easy to fall in a loop and go along with the content everyone else is doing. As nice as that can be it's refreshing to see someone jump out of that box and bring something new. I want to incorporate lifestyle posts a lot more. I spend so much time planning posts and setting up guides around lifestyle and Uni but I've never posted them. It's easy in this industry to forget the personality to just focus on skincare and fashion but I lost my passion and found myself becoming robotic without talking about what's going on for me outside of the blogging world.

Speaking of the blogging world I want to get my name out there more. With writing for the Growing Up Guide I have learned so much and really helped to settle my ideas as a blogger. It's been refreshing to see content from a different angle. To write about posts that you wouldn't necessarily see here. It's nice to write about issues and what's happening in the world right about now.

For my bloglovin page I really am happy with what's going on with it. I never thought that I would've been able to do three posts a week but I managed to do it throughout the year and still keep the flow going. This year I'm switching it up, as much as I love the weekly posts it became a bit of a chore. However, it reminded me of the good in the week and I still want to keep the spirit alive. I want to switch the posts up and focus a bit more on fashion and trends that are popping at the moment. As much as I love the posts of the week I really wanted to carry it on but I wanted to get my inspiration back into it. It's still going to be weekly posts but it's gonna be about everything, it might be my favourite Instagram picture of the week but it's just gonna be a mixture of everything. I'm not setting a definite idea for it.

Photo wise I wanna get more outfit shots done, I needed to gain my confidence more before I went fully out there but I feel really good that I'm heading in that direction. On Instagram outfit posts seem to do better when it's an outfit post so I'm definitely taking that on board. I have so many post ideas for Instagram I'm so excited to share everything and get the Instagram flowing.

Let me know what your blogging goals are for this new year

                                                             Until next time, Chloe!