How Uni Life Has Been Treating Me

It's now the end of the first semester in my second year of Uni. It's definitely been a massive jump since first year. But I feel excited to say that I have the Christmas break to relax. There's been a lot of deadlines and I have taken a more active role now with the university. So it's definitely not been easy adjusting to the change.

The main thing I've learned is to start taking care of myself. It's difficult to balance everything and still allow time to just relax. I've been out a lot so it's not been often that I've actually stayed in and relax, I've been finding my spare time on the blog or writing for the Growing Up Guide. And as much as I love all of it that isn't really allowing myself to relax properly. It sounds silly saying that we should learn to relax at Uni but if I you don't allow yourself to Uni becomes too much and the stress starts to pile up.

My mental health has taken a turn, I really struggled to handle the pressure but I think it comes from not being able to relax. I like to be busy and have a lot on, I'm harming myself but not really taking care of me. I always focus on others and everything that I need to do. I forgot to take a break and classes sleeping as my break. In which I struggled to sleep.

Health wise I also took a bad turn, I suffer with sciatica which I do want to touch on at some point. I get increased amounts of pain every so often and whenever I'm stressed it always flairs up. It's a difficult condition to explain but it left me feeling so ill towards the end of the semester. I was waking up in tears due to the pain and I couldn't bring myself to take a few days to look after myself.

Apart from the bad bits I've just mentioned I have loved second year so far in the same sense. I have more responsibilities and involvements in the Uni which I was set on doing since day 1. I've always wanted to be more involved and leave my mark on this place. After spending 3-4 years here I wanna leave having made some kind of change.

I've met some new people and made real friends for life. Found someone who I've converted orange hot chocolate to which was a blessing from above. But I've found myself thinking for myself more. In first year you really are spoon fed the information. Whereas now I'm finding out all the information myself and it's nice to put my spin on things.

I hope for second semester I get into that relaxing thang. I can't thank my advisor and friends around me to help me realise what needed to change. I've got a different view on it all and I want to get a post up soon talking about being busy. Especially when it's not good for you.

If you're in uni or just left tell me what you've learned throughout it.

                                                               Until next time, Chloe!