The New Coffee Shop Hidden Gem

So you're probably wondering why am I posting on a Friday? Well especially on here. I decided to move my bloglovin posts onto my main blog. It works best and makes more sense to have all my posts on here. As i post on here and on the growing up guide it was becoming quite difficult to be posting constantly on 3 different platforms. Every now and then I will do posts on Bloglovin but the new series is moving onto here. 

So this new series I've just told you about. What is it gonna be? Well a couple of months I did a cafe crawl and thrift shop guide where I talked about the go to spots I've been finding. They are hidden gems that I come across but I keep them hidden for so long. With some of the posts I didn't mention them till weeks after I had found them. I want to create a guide for Manchester. So the hidden gem series is all about the places i've stumbled upon that you need to check out. 

To kick it off it's a good place to get some well deserved food and drink. With a breakout space to die for and potentially some of the best bagels you'll ever get The Anchor is the go to spot. Situated just near Whitworth park away from the centre of Town it's a small little place. It has that pub feel to it from the outside but when you walk in you already feel inspired. They've converted the bottom floor into a revision work kind of place. As someone who really struggles to focus at home having places that help to help us is the best kind of thing. 

With the quiet calm music to that relaxing atmosphere it's somewhere you can work and chat. There's desks and sofa's so if you are having a working session with a friend you can kick back in style. Unlike chain cafe's and big businesses this is a small scale business centred around volunteers. 

From natural local produce to friendly and helpful staff this is one of the best places to go. Even if it's just to grab a bagel. Which I highly recommend the sesame bagel toasted with cheese and bacon it is to die for. They can't do enough for you and it's nice to see a place so friendly for once. 

If I haven't tempted you enough you can see the amazing reviews over on their website. As it's a lot closer to Uni than places in the Northern Quarter it is a great place for me to go in between lectures get work done and get some great food at the same time. 

Let me know what food spots are best for that working vibe around Manchester. And if you check this place out let me know if you love it as much as I did.

Until next time, Chloe!