Why It's Okay To Not Have A Style

It's 2018 people, styles and trends change rapidly. Still to this day the worst question I can be asked is what is my style. What kind of style is my dress sense. It's a bad question because how am I meant to know. One day I'm in yoga pants and a baggy jumper with trainers and the next its flares, boots and all the glory. 

Style is such a subjective thing, what I think is rocker to someone else may just be punk. I think there isn't a need to have an exact style. Fashion trends don't stick to exact styles it's pulled from different times and ranges that if you followed the trends everytime you wouldn't get an exact style. To sit here and say my fashion and dress sense leads towards this exact style is wrong and to be telling the truth a few white lies. 

I don't try to follow a specific way with fashion, for me I prefer adding my own spin to things. I like to pull inspiration from places. The beatnik era, the 60's for me are an era i take inspiration from when I need to be more formal. The straight skirt monochrome barberella look is my go to for those formal days and I wouldn't change it for a thing. 

If it's a more casual day it's all about the nighties, the never hugging pants and the baggy jumpers paired with those statement trainers. Followed through with over the top jewellery and a relaxed fit to it all. It's a different way of dressing each day. 

I don't really believe that we should follow trends. I've got a post going up on the growing up guide all about this but there really isn't a need to follow trends religiously. Your fashion and how you dress should be down to how you want to look not by how someone in a magazine is telling you how to look and exactly what to get. 

Style is all about the go to's I don't think wearing a striped tops and jeans should put you into a specific box. Okay they may be your go to's but a good leather jacket and some statement boots may also be your thing. They are conflicting styles which if you try to summarise that all up. You just sound odd. You might build on the basics but why should we feel the need to really point down our style. 

Fashion is about expression, let your eclectic style speak for itself rather than needing to find an explanation for it. 

Let me know down below your opinion on the style thing, do you prefer specific labels or should clothes just be clothes 

Until next time, Chloe!