Hidden Gems- New York Bagel Shop

Food is here again for this weeks Hidden gems what a shock. It's been a month of eating whatever I can as the fitness lifestyle starts back up again in February. I wanted to relax myself into it so before that happens let's talk about the new bagel shop that's opened up in the Northern Quarter.

The Northern Quarter is a food and drink galore. With an array of cafe’s bars and restaurants it’s hard to find a place you won’t like. As a lover of bagels I was very excited to check this place out. And to have JessisTrying by my side as we are die hard bagel lovers it was a fun time. 

The place has a minimalistic feel to it, with the dark walls and simplistic decor it doesn’t feel cluttered or all over the place. With plenty of space and good music this was already a winner for me. The staff were so friendly and couldn’t do enough for us, making sure everything was good for us with our food and drinks. It was nice for them to check on us and make sure everything is good. 

I’ll point out now even though we are die hard bagel fans we fell down the sundae rabbit hole and I’m not gonna say either of us regretted it. It was a good balance between sick and sickly and if you ever go no matter what you eat get the cherry pie sundae it is insanely good. They have bagels and other bites if they aren’t your thing. And they have such a good selection of drinks.

My favourite thing has to be the bar and music scene this place has. Late at night they have a dj and music playing so you can pop in for some nice food and music. It’s got a real relaxed vibe to it staying true to the Northern Quarter scene. 

It would surprise me if I wasn’t back here as soon as possible as the food was so good and then atmosphere seems so relaxed. It’s the kind of place I could grab a drink and a bite to eat in and get work done for hours. 

Let me know if you’ve checked this place out before it’s going to be a staple on my list for sure. 

Until next time, Chloe!