Lingerie Taboo

It's time for a good old follow up post, I did a post about this a while ago talking all about lingerie and why we deserve to be confident. I wanted to talk more about this and relate it more to what's happening in today's society.

Free the nipple has taken a massive stride in the past couple of years. The media makes more effort to  promote this and a lot of influencers are taking the theme more seriously. It's refreshing to see more people are getting on board and sharing body confidence. There's always still the same people that shame us for showing off our body and it's time that changed. 

We need to become more accepting as a society and stop shaming those who are confident to show off their bodies. However in the same breath we shouldn't be pressuring others to express themselves if they aren't confident. I have met people who have felt the need to show off their bodies because others have made them feel like they have to. If you want to post about your confidence and take a cute lingerie picture you do you. 

Sharing it on social media is a massive deal at the moment. People such as Kim Kardashian receive constant backlash for promoting body confidence. Why are we living as a society where we downgrade people and hate on them for being confident. It's unfair to sit here and shame someone for who they are and how they chose to express themselves. 

The same issue is to see why people are so insistent on this. Why do live in a society where social media can become vicious. I've received comments off people shaming me because oh how I looked in a photo. If I wanna take a photo in an outfit and you can see the fat and the hip dips then I'll share it i'm happy with myself and my body and you shouldn't try to shake that. 

It's time we voice the need for confidence we shouldn't be put into a box where it's bad to show off our bodies. If we can happily see men parade their bodies around and there is no issue why is such an issue when women do this. It's time society got the program and got on board.

Let's be confident and be at a good point in life

                      Until next time, Chloe! 

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