That Dreamy L'Oreal face mask

Another face mask! I know I know but this is what happens. I take a break try one and then four are in my possession and I’m honestly not sorry. It’s a way to destress and after the January exams I’ll take as many masks as I can get. 

It’s one of the Garnier ones with makes me so happy as it’s almost like a pretty collection I can collect. I mean I have one of the new ones with three just being released so it will definitely be getting some new additions. I picked up the yellow glow scrub mask. It’s been all about the glow and scrubs at the moment and It makes me very happy. 

Since wearing less makeup and having more makeup less days I’ve been looking at my skin more closely. I want it to still have a similar glow with or without makeup. Plus what’s better than looking like Marge Simpson for 10-15 minutes. 

The general instructions to use several times a week to get that glow and then you’re there. It’s an addition to the makeup kit I will find myself using regularly. I used clay masks non stop for so long my skin just got dull. Yes all the bad stuff was out of it but it had nothing to it. That nice little shine not oil was gone and I needed to get it back. 

This mask has helped to rebalance my skin, it’s scrubbing away the dead skin and helping to get some glow back into my skin. It’s nice to see after a few applications there’s already a difference. Even if it’s subtle I’m still impressed. 

The packaging as always is sleek and easy to store. I wouldn’t take this travelling as I’d be scared it would smash but I’d definitely decant it into a little pot and bring it with me. It’s a nice mask to have on even for a couple of minutes to just rebalance the skin. Especially after a long haul flight or a long journey this is a nice little pick me up. 

With that drugstore price tag you already know this going to become a staple of mine. It reminds me of the Superdug Yuzu Jam Mask but with more of a setting effect. Either of them are great and they’d even be a great combo to multi mask with. 

Let me know if you’ve given any of the Garnier masks a try down below. I’m excited to get the rest of the collection. 

Until next time, Chloe!