Hidden Gems- Fopp Vinyls

We're back to some cool places for a week, I took yet another trip into town this week and I couldn't not talk about this place. Everyone who knows me should know that I love a bit of music, I am always trying to find the places that support bands without breaking your bank. The days of wasting all your money in HMV are over and it's time to support somebody else. I am there for the vinyl lovers and i've found the next best place to check out. Fopp vinyls holds music, dvd's, games the lot. It's a place packed full of everything. Anything you need entertainment wise lives in here.

Years back I used to cling onto this place, I went through a massive poster phase and i remember running through town with my new posters the 3 for £7 deal changed my life, it was the next best thing after sliced bread. I used to walk down the aisles in love, the endless amount of cd's this is the kind of place where you'll get a real bargain for some old school cd's.

Vinyl wise it really does it justice here, everytime I come in I wish more and more I had a vinyl player. They have the best collection of Amy Winehouse vinyls i've seen in a while. It was so nice to see such a strong collection. Filled with old favourites as well as new bits. It has a place in my heart and I couldn't get over the place.

If you take a trip downstairs you get to see cd galore, they sometimes have books and let me tell you the collection is good. Filled with some good classics you can really find a bit of everything here. The poster selection is great and if you manage to grab anything honestly have a good look around here it's a good one to check out. 

Let me know if you're a vinyl collector I'm so torn between getting one or not, is it all a bit overhyped or am I just too used to my headphones now.

Until next time, Chloe! 

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