We Got Some New Lush Goodies

It's that time again where I go into Lush just to have a look and walk back out spending £18. Yep that's right I went very overboard, can't really justify the spending but it happened. I treated myself to some bath stuff and finally picked up a mask. We all know I love a good mask but I haven't used one from Lush for years, it was time that changed and it was a decision I do not regret looking back. 

This amazing mask that I've raved about is the Cup O Coffee, now first off I hate coffee. The smell, taste, texture and all that just isn't for me. But this however works, it has quite a strong smell which I was quite hesistant about at first but once it's on my face I don't notice it. It's a scrub kinda mask so I normally leave this on for about 15 minutes and then wash it all away, first time of using this and I was so impressed. It didn't feel harsh on my skin and my skin felt so soft for a couple of days after. I have a lot of issues with dry skin and whiteheads all around my nose and this helped to calm my skin down quite a bit. I didn't think I would like this mask so much but it's in the weekly essentials tub now. 

Bath wise I didn't go that crazy, well that's a complete lie. I bought two things although technically three. I picked up the Free Rangers bath bomb. Now yes this was expensive, however! It's actually two bath bombs. The weird looking design allows it to break into two parts, meaning more baths and more justifications for why this is £7 right? 


The other goodie I picked up was Purple Drain, this is a dream to use and honestly I now need this for every bath I have. Just crumble a little bit off and running under the water and it's the dreamiest purple bath you could ever need. There's a relaxing kinda scent to this and it's one I could fall asleep in the bath to. 

There's a lot more that's on my list to grab but for now I thought I'd mention some of my top picks from Lush currently. Let me know what you've been trying out down below! 

Until next time, Chloe!