Where's The Holiday Plans

We're getting closer to Summer and even closer to some time off uni. I can't wait to have a Summer to relax and get that my time back. I'm planning on spending that time on some trips away, I've been in Budapest and Edinburgh so far this year. I would love to spend a bit more time in the UK with a trip to London definitely on the cards, and even maybe a quick trip abroad.

But where would I go abroad? I'd love to check out Rome or Lisbon. I love the cultured side to Rome, I spent some time in Milan last year and it was such a breathtaking place. It'd be great even for a couple of days to spend some time looking around and exploring. There are museums and so many sites I would struggle to get bored here, plus the opportunities for some amazing photos I couldn't possibly turn down.

Lisbon seems like such an interesting place for me, there are the views and museums. For me mainly it all has a relaxed vibe to it, I can't wait to go there one day and experience the breathtaking place. Weatherwise it always seems semi warm here which is my full idea of heaven, nothing wrong with a bit of sun. 

Place wise I'd really love to check out more places in the UK, it would be great to have a nice weekend away and do something different for once. It doesn't have to be expensive and some of the best trips away I've had didn't cost a lot, nor do they need to. 

I'd really like to know where your go-to places are whether that's abroad or around the UK. Let me know down below what your picks are and what plans you have for this year. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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  1. You totally deserve a good holiday somewhere! While you're at it, take me with you! x

    Jessica // www.jessistrying.co.uk