Hidden Gems- Monki

Monki is a new found love for me, I have spent a lot of time scrolling through the websites and dreaming of the day a store opens up near me. And one finally is! in the good news of a new store opening up in the Arndale I thought i'd share with you my top picks from their collections at the moment to give you some inspiration for when the store finally opens. Monki is an affordable brand that touches on the current trends at the moment, there's always an element of extra to their pieces and there is so much that is on my wishlist at the moment. Let's break it down to some of the key pieces you'll be needing. 

The first thing is really out there, it's good to start with a bang and these are really something. Light Denim Jeans £40 are always in, we've seen the pearl embellished trend and the embroidery trend they were a real hit. A creeping trend is printed denim, from slogans to designs it's coming back in. Now I can't tell if I love these for the print or just the sheer fact of what they are but we now have denim jeans with dogs on them. This is something I would wear with a simple slogan tee and some trainers and make it a casual look. The dog print really sells these to me and I can't help but admit that I am quite close to buying these. There's something so weird and odd about them that I love. 

Next up is a good old statement tee, you can't go wrong with them and this one is a real treat. It has an alice in wonderland queen of hearts vibe to it. And we all know how much I love a bit of red, it's a cute style that would work with anything. Dressed down with some jeans or a simple skirt but you can dress this up with some boots and a statement leather jacket and you're ready to go. It is definitely gonna need to be in my wardrobe soon I can't miss a statement tee plus for only £10 can you really miss out on this! 

Next up is something i've wanted for ages and it's finally here! I've had a love for corduroy from the get go and i've always wanted a corduroy skirt with a twist to it. I like to incorporate trends and pieces together and this skirt has all the elements to it. From the ring pill visible zip fastening, to that corduroy detail and the check print. It incorporates everything I want in an outfit and more. But you know what the best part of it is it has a belt loop!!!! the days of getting a skirt that is too big for waist and having issues are gone. It's gonna be the best £25 I ever spend. I love the print and they do a few different colours so you can really get some corduroy skirt love in here. This paired with that statement tee would look great, it's a clash of colours and has that pop of red to it. 

Last item is something a bit more jazzy, it's a good piece you could take into Autumn with you and really get into layering. I've always had a thing for jumpsuits but overalls have never been my thing. I've always wanted a style that's flowy and free, I didn't wanna be constrained with some denim all over me so when I saw this fabric style i was hooked instantly. It has a retro kinda feel to it and the striped detail gets me going. This could be dressed up or down, for me I'd love to pair this with a some boots and a pop of colour underneath. It has a flared detail to it which I love, it is a classic spin on that fitting dungaree style adding something a bit different. It's a piece i can definitnely see myself wearing all year round in so many different ways. They are a little up there in price at £35 but if I used this all year round I wouldn't mind paying a bit extra for something i know i would get wear out of. 

There we have it, just some of the top picks on my list at the moment. I can already see myself falling in love with more pieces soon it's bound to happen. For now I'll just be sat here stopping myself from buying everything. Let me know what your top picks are from Monki at the moment, they are bringing out so many pieces that I seriously need right now in my wardrobe. 

Until next time, Chloe!