Hidden Gems- The Ordinary Primer

I decided to give some new products a try, I wanted something different that I hadn't looked at before. I'd heard so many reviews about The Ordinary skincare brand by Deciem. I didn't want to load on some new skincare as my skin is taking a rough patch at the moment. I've got a lot of acne and dryness and I want to get that sorted before anything new comes into play. I am always on the hunt for some new makeup bits and their silicone primer really appeals to me. 

Whilst in London for a day I decided to pop into their store and oh my did I fall in love. I could've easily picked up so much stuff from there but I limited myself to one product. I had so many recommendations for the High Adherence Silicone Primer £3.90. First off it's at a drugstore price and under £4 so you knew I was gonna be all over that. I decided to put this to the test for 5 days straight and a couple of days with no primer to see how my face reacted to it. 

For me I don't have a lot to my routine now, the main thing is concealer instead of foundation so this primer really had some work to do. Silicone acts as a base for your foundation and creates almost a new layer of skin. I wanted to see how it could hold up with concealer, it isn't easy to stay on all day and as the coverage is a lot lighter more needs to be applied. I found throughout the five days I used this with the primer it lasted so well, it almost gave my concealer better coverage. With the primer acting as a smooth base for my skin it helped the concealer to work it's magic. 

I didn't need to use as much concealer it just required a bit more blending, I think seeing how smooth my skin went made me realise how much blending it really needed. This extended my makeup for a couple extra hours before it really went cakey and lost it's wear. It really worked great for everything else, it helped my highlight stay on all day and even got it poppin a bit more. Like who wouldn't want that. 

The best thing about this was how it really helped the texture of my skin, especially with all the breakouts I've had recently it really worked great to smooth it all out. If you suffer from any dryness I recommend a fair bit of moisturiser before applying this, it really clings to the skin so I would use a bit of moisturiser just incase. 

When I didn't wear this for a couple of days I saw the diffference straight away in my makeup, the main difference was how cakey my face looked without it. Maybe I just noticed it more or my skin over the past couple of days has just taken a bad turn. But there definitely is a difference in my skin without it. 

Would I keep this in my collection? Of course i would, it's a drugstore primer that helps my skin look smoother and for less than £5 it's a price tag I can happily stick with. I always try to find the cheaper alternatives as makeup shouldn't cost you a lot to be good and this is one of those wonder products that makes such a huge difference. If you want to try something new go check it out and give it all a go. I'm on the hunt for some new skincare bits and if I can get some from this brand it would be great. Let me know what you've loved from this brand down below. 

Until next time, Chloe! 

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